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Eligibility: The competition is open to undergraduate, Masters and MBA students, either in teams (maximum of 6 people) or individually
Prizes: Total amount of USD 5,000,- split between finalists in two categories, mentorship under industry professionals, connections with professionals and potential investments opportunities
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Pacific Venture Capital Competition 2017

Have you been waiting for that golden opportunity to bring your business idea to life on a large international platform? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to try your hand at investment?

Perhaps, you’ve been looking for the chance to raise funds for a current project that’s in the works? Yet, you’re confused as to how you’re going to go about all this?


PVCC stands for the Pacific Venture Capital Competition – a unique opportunity for both business veterans and curious rookies, involving a combination in the fields of entrepreneurship and financial valuations.

Participate in one of two interconnected competitions

Whether you’re interested in building a startup or valuating and acquiring them, the competition is for you.

The two competitions run side-by-side, meaning students in the VC competition will get to analyze cases, as well as live companies submitted by entrepreneurship competitors.

On the flip side, entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to get feedback from both professionals and students in the VC competition.

Entrepreneur Teams

The stage is all yours as you pitch your idea in front of top industry professionals and prove that your new innovative business plan is going to come out on top as a game changer!

  • Round one: submit a 10-page PPT and 1-minute video presenting your business idea.
  • Round two: present live in front of preliminary round judges (in person or via Skype).
  • Round three: work with an industry professional and once again present live (in person or via Skype).
  • Final round: present your business idea live in front of an audience of 350+ delegates and industry professionals during the Conference which will be held on March 23, 2017, in Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver.

Win the Entrepreneur competition and gain:

  • $3,000 Prize Money
  • Pitch your new venture or business idea to industry professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs to gain insight and feedback
  • Get mentorship and validation from world-class financiers and entrepreneurs that know what it takes to succeed
  • Connect with investors from angel investors to venture capitalists, start building the connections for your startup
  • Receive potential investments of up to $25,000 in seed money

Venture Capital Teams

Distinguish yourselves to industry leaders and show them what you’ve got, all while learning about the Venture Capital industry and seeing if you have what it takes to invest smart!

  • Round one: value an existing early stage company by using industry-specific valuation methodologies and submit 12-page PPT.
  • Round two: submit a 6-minute video presentation of the business valuation conducted in the round one.
  • Round three: receive mentorship and analyze Entrepreneurship Teams’ business ideas and financial projections.
  • Final round: present financial valuations and investment decisions live in front of an audience of 350+ delegates and industry professionals during the Conference, which will be held on March 23, 2017, in Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver.

Win the Venture Capital competition and gain:

  • $2,000 Prize Money
  • Practice valuating startups in a competition unlike any other where you value both closed cases and existing startups participating.
  • Get coaching and advice from venture capitalists and investors to polish your understanding and skills.
  • Get noticed by firms. All finalists’ resumes will be added to a delegate book distributed to IB, VC, and PE firms.

Challenge the future investor or CEO in you!

Whether you are an entrepreneurship and business veteran or just a curious rookie with a business idea that’s been burning in your mind, the Pacific Venture Capital Competition will be a rewarding experience.

Additional perks include:

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Stay tuned

Seize the opportunity to win the Pacific Venture Capital Competition 2017 and register today!
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