Dates: December 8-9, 2020 | Register here
Prices: free tickets available
Location: Online

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2020

The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit is the biggest meeting of women in technology, female inventors, innovators, IT students, start-up founders and high profile representatives of high-tech industry, community leaders and policy makers in Eastern-Central Europe and Central Asia.

Biggest conference for women in IT & tech in Europe

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit is an event created by Perspektywy Education Foundation, NGO, non-profit which since 12 years is organizing projects dedicated to support women and girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit is a mission-driven event, with free tickets for all students from all of the world!
Please join us for the big celebration for women in computing, tech and science!

Last year’s edition brought together over 6 300 participants from 52 countries.

Be the change you want to see in the tech world

We believe in women and their power to change the world. We believe in the value of science and technology as the tools allowing us to know, understand and create amazing solutions to the most urgent problems of today.

For the first time in history, women can really do anything! Thanks to their minds, sensitivity and empathy the world has a chance for a new history.

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