alphagamma QS Summer School Summit 2016 opportunities

Dates: December 5-8, 2016 | Register here
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Prices: starting from USD 150,-
Location: Chennai, India

QS Summer School Summit 2016

Summer schools are unique vehicles for internationalisation, and more generally, for higher education innovation. In many universities, summer schools have become a laboratory for curriculum development, as well as a training and testing ground for international student services and international marketing and branding.

Being driven by student demand, a successful summer school is often a precursor for effective university-wide internationalisation. And summer schools have also found their place in institutional diplomacy, with student and faculty exchanges during the summer providing a stepping stone for long-term and meaningful institutional collaboration.

The QS Summer School Summit (QS-SSS) has an interactive format that encourages open discussions, knowledge sharing and gives you an opportunity to promote your summer school programme.

The Elevator Pitch

It’s a 90-second slot where you can orally present your summer programme to the audience. Part competition, part performance, part infomercial, the elevator pitch is an energy-boost for the summit and a great opportunity to boost your inter-personal marketing skills.

The presentation

  • Up to 3 people can be on stage at once
  • There will be one microphone
  • No recorded content, everything should be “live”
  • Singing, audience engagement, and costumes are allowed, anything that may potentially harm you or the audience is not allowed

Use of props

  • Anything that you can run a 100 m sprint with is fine, i.e. you must be able to get on stage and off stage quickly. So your tablet/laptop or a piece of paper is fine. A big heavy banner or a flat screen TV is not fine.

Enforcement and interpretation of the rules

  • The convener has the final say in all matters related to the elevator pitch


Day 1 – 6 December
12:00 – 12:10 Elevator pitch 1 – Available
14:30 – 14:40 Elevator pitch 2 – Available
16:30 – 16:40 Elevator pitch 3 – Available
Day 2 – 7 December
11:00 – 11:10 Elevator pitch 4 – Available

To sign-up, please contact Amelia Yeo, Event Executive.

Round Robin-Chat Groups

It’s an opportunity to take part in small-scale discussions on a range of highly relevant Summer School-related topics. Participants rotate between topics moderated by Summer School experts, sharing ideas and meeting new people.

Summer School Clinic

Are you facing certain problems with your Summer School? Why not share them and get a group of experts to help you find solutions to them?

Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask so you get the medicine to cure Summer School maladies, even if it’s just the comfort of knowing that you’re not the only one facing these challenges.

Mini Student Fairs

If you travel thousands of kilometres to attend the summit, why not take an opportunity to meet local students?

Aside from promoting your programme, do some market research and find out what can attract top students to your programmes.

Who Should Attend?

All university staff involved in organising and marketing summer schools or managing student mobility should attend the QS Summer School Summit.

This can include international office staff and directors, international student counsellors, faculty members overseeing international curriculum development and any other senior university managers involved in international programmes.

The QS Summer School Summit offers an outstanding opportunity to expand your university’s network by developing relationships directly with students and faculty, in addition to expanding and deepening traditional institutional partnerships.

The Summit will help to accelerate the development of a university’s summer school by providing a highly effective platform to showcase summer schools and meet with customers and providers, in addition to gaining the necessary know-how for summer school success.

If you represent an institution that is sending students, the Summit offers an unmatched breadth of short-term programmes to choose from, both in terms of both content and destinations, and you can meet the people managing these programmes and find out where your students’ needs are best met.

Ultimately, summer schools are often the beginning of strong institutional relationships and they build internationalisation capacity at the organising institution. Therefore the QS Summer School Summit can help you create a strong and effective global network of institutional partnerships that deliver quick and tangible results.

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