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Eligibility: Students from business schools
Dates: March 5-11, 2016
Venue: Vancouver, Canada

The Sauder School of Business is one of the world’s leading academic business schools which organizes Sauder Summit Global Case Competition each year.

The Sauder Summit is an international case competition held every year in March. The competition is held among 12 teams representing top business schools of the world. This six-day case competition is held through a series of real-life case studies which will challenge students from to business schools of the world to experience real business challenges to reach the summit of excellence.

This international case competition is held in 3 consecutive rounds: Preliminary, Knockout, and Final.

During the Preliminary Round, the participating teams are invited to solve 2 five-hour cases. Four pools of three teams will compete against each other to be selected for the next Knockout Round. The Knockout round lasts 24 hours to solve one case. Best teams from each pool will be selected to participate to the Final Round. The Final Round, the four best teams will be challenged to present the 24-hour case to the attention of the judging panel.

The Sauder Summit Global Business Case Competition attempts to “challenge tomorrow’s business leaders with today’s most complex business problems, create a high caliber environment that promotes growth on both a personal and professional level and construct networks that reach across the globe”.

Make sure not to miss this enriching competition. If you want to acquire more information about the rules of competition, please feel free to check the competition rules.

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