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Siemens Internships

Siemens makes a real difference to the way people live. As a world leader in developing and producing the most advanced engineering technologies, they improve lives and further human achievements worldwide, while also protecting the climate – all thanks to the employees.

Working at Siemens, you have the foundation to develop personally and professionally. You’re given the chance to do something meaningful, that benefits society and human progress. We give you the chance to make a difference.

What Siemens offers:


Plenty of Siemens internships are waiting for you – in your home country and abroad. In a multicultural environment, you will gain valuable expertise and project experience.

Working students

Siemens relies on cooperation for the future success of our company. That is why you are invited to work in Siemens while you study or during your semester breaks. You will have the chance to work on specific projects, exchange ideas and opinions with colleagues and build up your own network.

Theses projects

If you want your thesis to make a difference, Siemens is here for you. You can write your paper with the benefit of having access to their technical support. If you have an interesting topic in mind, you can rely on their experience.

Your opportunities:

  • Engineering

Engineering includes the fields of General Engineering, Product Engineering, Project Engineering, System Integration and Commissioning.

Engineering adapts existing products and solutions to fit customer needs. Siemens also optimise increasingly complex industrial processes and systems to maximise productivity, reliability, and efficiency. An efficient energy supply, for example, requires integrated processes and solutions, with efficient power transmission and distribution.

  • Manufacturing

Activities in Manufacturing include production planning, materials logistics, inventory management, ramp up, reconfiguration and phase-out of production lines, reevaluating capacities, and maintenance. Manufacturing develops and works on solutions for production processes, lean material logistics and efficient stock management.

  • Research & Development

Research & Development is responsible for securing the technological future and competitiveness of Siemens product portfolio.

This includes the development of future scenarios in the company’s key areas of activity, protection of intellectual property, research, design proposals, feasibility analysis, modeling, prototyping and testing. Make a difference through Research & Development of prototypes, models and designs of the future.

  • Information Technology (IT)

The IT plans, implements and maintains a secure IT landscape that supports the business. This includes the evaluation of business needs, design consulting, system administration, hardware maintenance, software development and maintenance and service management.

  • Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing realise sales and profit targets, identify specific target groups for our business and the most relevant messages to be communicated to best reach them.

Tasks include managing accounts and customer relationships, developing sales proposals, negotiating and closing deals, acting as the voice of the customers, taking measures to improve the selling of our products and customer services, developing ideas and creating campaigns in order to position our products and services in the market, as well as promoting them.

  • Supporting Functions

Finance, Legal, HR and many more – Supporting Functions are the backbone of the business.

What Siemens is looking for

Personal skills

The company is looking for students who want to make a difference – to society and their own future. Dedication, talent, and enthusiasm are requirements to join the company as a student.

You should be curious about Siemens and be able to use English as a working language. You should also feel comfortable working in a multicultural environment with international teams.

Academic background

The majority of students who join Siemens have a technical, scientific or business related background, such as electrical, mechanical or industrial engineering, business informatics, physics, economics or computer science.

If this description does not fit you, you are still more than welcome to apply. Siemens is always curious to see what difference students with other academic backgrounds can make.

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