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Eligibility: open to all entrepreneurs
Location: Various (see here)

Join the Small Business Expo, where opportunities abound and entrepreneurial dreams take flight. This event is the premier destination for entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

Small Business Expo has a place for you no matter the stage of your entrepreneurial journey. The event welcomes all:

  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Start-ups and Emerging Ventures
  • Industry Professionals and Thought Leaders
  • Students and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

It creates a perfect space to expand your network, gain valuable insights, and explore new opportunities. The Expo is a great way to engage with industry experts, connect with potential clients, and discover innovative solutions to propel your business forward.

Small Business Expo dates and information

Small Business Expo is hosted in major business hubs across the United States and is a great space to experience:

  • Captivating Keynotes: gain insights from industry leaders on business growth strategies.
  • Expert Seminars: led by industry professionals, where you can engage with seasoned experts for practical tips and guidance.
  • Business-Critical Workshops: dive deep into topics like digital marketing and financial management, drive immediate action, and foster business growth.
  • Speed-Networking Sessions: a chance to connect with peers, potential clients, and influencers.
  • Exhibitor Hall: space created to connect with industry-leading vendors for exclusive deals and discounts on essential products and services.
  • High-Energy Environment: a fun and collaborative atmosphere alongside passionate small business owners. 

Here is a list of upcoming Small Business Expo events:

  • New York City: May 2, 2024
  • Boston: May 8, 2024
  • Chicago: June 13, 2024
  • Los Angeles: September 5, 2024
  • San Diego: September 20, 2024
  • Phoenix: September 25, 2024
  • San Francisco Bay Area: October 10, 2024
  • Las Vegas: October 17, 2024
  • Houston: October 30, 2024
  • Austin: November 14, 2024
  • Dallas / Fort Worth: November 20, 2024
  • Atlanta: December 11, 2024

Interested in applying for the Small Business Expo? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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