Dates: December 6-7, 2016 | Register here
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Price: USD 1,095,-
Location: Boston, The United States

Smart Cities Summit 2016

Boost infrastructure, increase investment, be sustainable, and improve the quality of life to meet demands of the modern city.

The only 2-day Smart Cities event, where you’ll meet stakeholders from the public & private sector ecosystems to help tomorrow’s cities face the challenges of growing urban populations with the latest IoT technology.

The world’s population is urbanizing and expanding faster than ever

Municipalities all over the world are facing increasing pressures to grow, innovate and transform infrastructure, attract more investment, become more sustainable, and improve the quality of life for all.

With increasing urbanization putting more pressure on governments to innovate, the smart city is a hugely attractive principle for city officials, citizens, and the private sector, and education is needed now!

At the summit, it will be explored how to create successful collaboration between public & private sectors; the ways in which to fully leverage IoT Data; and the monetization opportunities that will help boost infrastructure, increase investment, make cities sustainable, and improve the quality of life for all.

What Smart Cities Summit can do for you

Attend Smart Cities Summit and reap the rewards by boosting your business or city profitability and economy

  • Learn from senior representatives of the USA’s smartest cities leading IoT Innovation
  • Discover what the leaders are doing and apply these to your business and find out what innovation the market requires to move forward
  • Find out the most effective business models to drive Smart City innovation
  • Bringing together key professionals from both the public and private sector to voice their opinions
  • Find out more about the smart city technology currently available or being released into the market
  • Cutting-edge solution providers will showcase their products and services that will enable smart cities around the world
  • Meet business partners for future collaboration
  • Meet the entire ecosystem under one roof that will enable your smart cities vision to come to life through collaboration with leading companies in the smart city space
  • Find out what the major commercial and strategic challenges are in developing smart cities
  • Achieve your end goal and develop your smart city through learning about others challenges and setbacks
  • Make your city more efficient, sustainable and commercial
  • Find out how to embrace smart city technology and boost your local economy

Key features


Learn how to maintain your city while you align yourself with the leading smart come companies and municipalities from all around the world.

Panel Discussions

Tap into the wisdom of our 100+ speakers as they discuss the latest issues regarding smart cities.

Solo Presentations

The agenda features the most brilliant & thought-provoking leaders in the ecosystem, representing the smart cities most innovative companies and municipalities.

Speed Networking

Meet with key decision-makers and swap business cards through a series of 2-minute meetings that could help you transform the city.

Facilitated Meetings

With the help of our VIP networking team, get one-on-one meetings with top-level sponsors on-site.

Hosted Lunch Tables

Your chance to actually build relationships and spend time with people at a conference! Munch your lunch while getting to know some of the speakers, government officials, and company representatives in attendance.

Exhibition Floor

Witness exclusive product launches and announcements before they are released to the general public, and see what’s available on the market today that could help transform the city.

Analyst Breakfast Briefings

Ask senior analysts 1-on-1 about their expertise on certain smart cities topics and trends all over breakfast.

Network before & after with the app

Use the event app to message other attendees and pre-arrange meetings or follow up directly with your peers after the show

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