Deadline: July 12, 2020 00:00 (CEST)*| Apply here
Eligibility: Founders with a strong passion to tackle the food challenges mankind is facing, with innovative ideas and an adventurous spirit
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

SPACE-F Accelerator and Incubator Programs 2020

SPACE-F is dedicated to increasing access to better, safer and more nutritious foods, future-proofing the global food supply chain, and making your business a success.

This fall, it will launch Batch-II of its world-class Accelerator and Incubator program, connecting leading corporates and startups in the food-tech space.

Are you ready to change the future of food?

Join the SPACE-F FoodTech accelerator and incubator programs, which brings together the leaders in food innovation to accelerate new ideas into the South East Asian market and globally.

SPACE-F aims to build an innovative, better, safer and more nutritious food supply chain – and with the current global pandemic, it is committed to this goal more than ever.

COVID-19 has urged the world to rethink food security and the new normal in the food and beverage industry. Supply chain disruptions, social distancing, labour shortage and food waste have posed tremendous challenges for the global food industry.

It is time for innovation, and SPACE-F is looking for those startups ready to lead the way

This fall, SPACE-F will be launching Batch II of its world-class FoodTech accelerator and incubator program addressing the front lines of food tech.

With the support of leading corporates, institutions and policymakers, SPACE-F is dedicated to supporting growing food tech startups and bringing together entrepreneurs, experts and investors to address the biggest challenges facing the global food industry.

The programs are dedicated to exploring innovative solutions, future-proofing the global food supply chain and making you a successful startup.


  • A Guiding Hand: with local and global quality mentors brought into the program to help in all aspect of your business
  • Labs and Workspace: featuring lab access high-tech machinery & instrumentation along with workspace to help your startup succeed
  • Support your expansion through Thai Union’s Global channels, the NIA’s global startup programs, Mahidol University’s academic network, and Nests global offices
  • Equity-Free: while providing you with the opportunity to meet investors. The program will not take any equity or IP in order to participate
  • Reach your audience and increase your brand awareness – we will help you to reach out to your target audience and potential investors
  • Innovate in food paradise: with Thailand as a hub for many international startups with affordable cost of living, as well as an abundance of food companies

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