Dates: February 1-2, 2017 | Register here
Prices: starting from GBP 495,-
Location: London, The United Kingdom

Strategy & Innovation World Forum 2017

World Forum Disrupt brings those at the forefront of business strategy & innovation together, providing an outlet for thought sharing, leading to change & growth!

Each speaker shares their INCREDIBLE insight from case study examples, ensuring our attendees walk away with actionable tactics and strategies that can be implemented straight away.

The focus is on uniting leading minds, generating unrivalled learning experiences, creating passionate discussion and actual transformation.

So… Why attend the Strategy & Innovation World Forum 2017?

Countless reasons! Take your pick.

  • Great Company, Better Fun! Like minded, passionate, people interested in easy networking!
  • Expand Your Network. Hundreds of executives from the world’s largest, most progressive organisations.
  • Business Veterans. Wisdom Condensed. Learn from the best in business. Great minds sharing knowledge & experience.
  • Actionable Takeaways. Real, tried & tested takeaways that are proven to work from speakers who’ve been & done it.
  • Work Space & Free Wifi. Too busy? Is something come up? With free wifi & private space available you can jump on that conference call.
  • Meet Awesome Vendors. Connect with the vendors who change the way we work.
  • Serious Value For Your £. Save the £££££ consultancy fee. Get the key, condensed points from the best in the business.
  • Slides & Videos For Keeps. Does boss keep calling? Missed that session you were desperate to catch? Don’t stress – all  is made available post event.
  • Hot Topics! Strategy & Innovation World Forum works closely with speakers to formulate a relevant, telling agenda.
  • Food & Drink! Conference food get’s a bad press. The Forum provides high-quality catering, throughout breaks and lunch. Oh, and it also hosts a networking session with an open bar…
  • Get Involved? Hands-on breakout sessions run alongside two days of presentations! Pop into what you want.
  • ROI. Fresh connections, new knowledge, ideas and inspiration make Strategy & Innovation World Forum the smart business choice.

What you’ll learn

  • Building Customer-Centric Strategy
  • Corporate Disruption
  • Strategic Planning in Todays Environment
  • Framework For Disruption
  • Open Innovation
  • Digital Disruption
  • Customer Led Innovation
    & much, much more…

Find Yourself Amongst Leading Figures

The SI World Forum is open to everyone, but these are the common fields Strategy & Innovation World Forum attendees thrive in:

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Product Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ventures
  • R&D
  • Business Planning
  • Digital Strategy
  • CEO / Managing Director

Some of the world’s largest organisations attend the Strategy & Innovation World Forum

How Big is the Forum?

Pretty Big! You’ll see over 250 attendees and 30 guest speakers attend from a range of industries.

Most of the delegates are based in the UK, but some fly in from all over the globe.

The Topics Covered

  • Implementing effective strategy
  • Corporate disruption
  • Open innovation
  • Strategic planning in today’s environment
  • Digital disruption
  • Customer-led innovation
  • Change management
  • Growth strategy
  • Implementing strategy at pace
  • Responsive framework for threats of disruption
    & more…

Venue information

Welcome to the Crystal, a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens. The Crystal in London is home to the world’s largest exhibition on the future of cities, as well as one of the world’s most sustainable buildings and events venues

Siemens opened the Crystal in 2012 as a global hub for debate on sustainable living and development. Since opening, over 100,000 people each year have visited the interactive exhibition; thousands of meetings and events have been hosted in our sustainable events venue, and numerous major projects have been undertaken in the Siemens office on-site.

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