Dates: February 8-9, 2018 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 199,-
Location: Riga, Latvia

TechChill 2018

TechChill celebrates the best of the Baltic startup community by bringing together energetic founders, relentless entrepreneurs and passionate techies from across the region for a two-day tech chill. Literally.

Having grown from a small grassroots movement of like-minded tech enthusiasts, TechChill currently boosts 2000 attendees, including VC’s, investors, mentors and the region’s most up-and-coming startups.

This year’s agenda will focus on startup superheroes – breaking down the DNA of fearless game changers, innovators and frontier explorers who will share their ultimate behind the scenes takes on startup successes and failures.


The Baltic is a great place to do business – the area is full of talented entrepreneurs with global ambition from within and beyond the region.

Riga is currently booming with young people with outstanding ideas, good infrastructure and life quality, one of the fastest internet speeds in the world and easy access to any capital in Europe.

The region has been a historic crosspoint between East and West, with the tech industry now reinvigorating this tradition in the digital age.

Latvia’s ecosystem provides an unparalleled mix of reasonable startup costs, access to international entrepreneurial talent and capital, startup friendly regulation and excellent geographical connections. TechChill is the best way of getting a fast-track introduction to the Baltics!

TechChill is the leading tech startup community event in the Baltics with a global outlook

In a span of just 6 years, TechChill has grown from a small grassroots movement of a few hundred like-minded tech enthusiasts to a two-day community event of 2000 annual attendees, including VC’s, investors, mentors and the region’s most up-and-coming startups.

TechChill is the brain-child of Latvian startup community building pioneers TechHub Riga, who organised Latvia’s first startup event back in 2012, in partnership with TechCrunch – TechCrunch Baltics.

After the event evolved into what we now know as TechChill, it still maintained its signature elements of a comfortable size and an informal and relaxed atmosphere, which were the foundation of TechCrunch Baltic’s success.

Why attend?

  • Matchmaking with investors: Startups, get ready! Global investors are coming to TechChill to see what’s on your plate! This could be your lifetime opportunity to pair with the investors of your dreams. Once you will be paired with a matching investor, you and the investor will get an access to the meeting details through Dealroom for the 20-minute session.
  • Startup EXPO: Ahoi! Join the most promising startups from the region and showcase your product or service to all TechChill attendees. Are you excited? Because we are! TechChill Startup Expo will offer 40 handpicked startups to gain the visibility and promote your product to over 2000 attendees. Startup Expo is an opportunity to achieve increased brand visibility among a unique and targeted audience, reach potential customers and employees from across the Baltics, Nordics and CIS, make crucial new partnerships with international media, investors and experts in your field.
  • Meeting the mentors: To build a long-term startup community, TechChill addresses also the youngest – pre-acceleration generation startups. If that is your case, feel free to jump into the pool! Meeting the mentors is a crucial point for the further development of your startup by making the one and only – your success story.

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