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Eligibility: People aged 18 or older from every discipline and every country are welcome to apply

TED Fellows Program 2019

The TED Fellows program is turning ten years old next year, and it is looking for most ambitious class yet. People from every discipline and every country are welcome to apply.

Who are TED Fellows?

Fellows are individuals with original work, a record of achievement in their field and exceptional potential. They are also courageous, collaborative people dedicated to improving life where they work.

How does TED Fellow Program help you dream bigger?

The Fellows program is robust, long-term and, unlike any other Fellowship out there. From the open application process to rigorous support systems, TED has designed a program that maximizes innovation and collaboration.

Fellows get career coaching and speaker training as well as mentorship and public relations guidance. Fellows also give a talk at a TED Conference, a huge opportunity to share their work with a wide, new audience.

And perhaps most important, Fellows join the community of 450+ other Fellows who inspire one another and collaborate on new projects.

What have Fellows done after joining the program?

In the nearly 10-year history, the Fellows program has sparked remarkable cultural change and reached millions of people. With the support of TED, Fellows have conserved large swaths of our planet, protecting many species in the process.

They’ve made headway in understanding complex diseases like Parkinson’s, cancer and malaria. They’ve created art that shines a light on injustice and made music that celebrates our history. They’ve made huge strides in robotics and 4-D printing and launched new startups.

They’ve passed laws and have gone on to win Oscars, Grammys and MacArthur “genius” grants. And in the process, Fellows have improved conditions on our planet for countless communities and inspired others to pursue their own unconventional projects.

The application process

The application is straightforward. It’s open to everyone (no one is appointed a Fellow; everyone has to apply), and you are encouraged you to apply even if you’re not sure you’re qualified.

The online application can take as little as 20 minutes. It asks for general biographical information, short essays on your work and three references. There is no upper age limit, but you must be 18 or older to apply.

If you’re selected, you will be part of 10-year anniversary class, and you will need to reserve April 13 through April 20, 2019, for TED2019 and our own very special pre-conference.

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