Deadline: August 31, 2016 | Apply here 
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begins in December 2016
1 year
Eligibility: be 20 and 28 years of age in 2016; permanent resident in one of the following countries: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand
Location: Oslo, Norway

Telenor Youth Forum 2016

The Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform that is built upon the idea of “digitalization for peace”. It provides these young leaders from around the world with an arena to come together and tackle global, social challenges.

One huge event.
A year of discovery.
Countless possibilities.

The topic: digitalization for peace

Telenor Youth Forum 2016 is on a hunt for young leaders from around the world to join #TYF16. This event aims to help transform the world we live in by tackling social challenges through digital solutions.

The selected Telenor Youth Forum 2016 delegates will commit to the program for one year, over the course of which they will work as a team to create dialogue and engagement around a social challenge. They will work in collaboration across boundaries – real or imagined, physical or mental – with the overall aim to foster understanding, prosperity and ultimately, peace.

With young and promising delegates recruited from all the 13 markets, #TYF16 will be a journey that starts in Oslo, during the Nobel Peace Prize events in December 2016. It will continue through the year, with a second gathering in Bangkok, where the youth will come together once again to continue creating momentum around their social challenge.

The culmination of this year-long commitment will be the unveiling of a digital exhibition, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, documenting the work of the teams, the social challenges faced and the progress made.

Telenor Youth Forum 2016 is not looking for simple solutions; they’re looking for interesting perspectives, unexpected solutions, and insightful dialogue.

This Forum offers youth a global stage, opportunities to meet and discuss with leaders and luminaries, and a social and professional experience of a lifetime.

Telenor Youth Forum 2016 is a big step to an epic journey.

Why join the Telenor Youth Forum 2016?

  • The kick-off event in Oslo, Norway.
  • Join a global team of youth to tackle a social challenge.
  • Access to world-class mentors and chance to build a relationship with Telenor.
  • Take part in the Nobel Peace Prize festivities, including the concert event.
  • A mid-year event in Bangkok.
  • Create a digital exhibition of your work, with the Nobel Peace Center.
  • Certificate of participation from Telenor Group and the Nobel Peace Center.

Your commitment:

  • One year as the Telenor Youth Forum 2016 delegate in your home country.
  • Build relationship with Telenor ad keep them updated on your project work.
  • Participation in two physical events, one in Oslo and the other in Bangkok.
  • Virtual work with your project team throughout 2017; recommended time commitment approx. 2 hours per week.

Selection Process

Telenor Youth Forum 2016 gathers 2 candidates from each of Telenor Group’s 13 markets in the Nordic region, Central Eastern Europe and Asia. In total, 26 candidates will be invited to the event in Oslo.

The selection process is completed within the home market of the candidate in consultation with Telenor Group.

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