Deadline: April 30, 2024 23:59 BST | Apply here
Eligibility: 14-24 years of age Individuals or a team, with most team members within the age range
Location: Worldwide
Prize: $15,000

Are you looking to advocate for nature-related change? The Iris Project is looking for youth-led projects focusing on protecting and restoring nature.

The Iris Prize 2024 is here to help you overcome the circumstantial barriers, whether you have an established project or a new idea and need help in implementing it.

The Program offers three awards to foster growth, creativity, and sustainability in youth. Different stages of project development will fall into different categories. Make sure you choose the best one to apply for.

The Seed Prize of  $5,000 is for ages 14-24, for a young person or a team with a groundbreaking idea to protect and/or restore nature in their local community

The Stem Prize of $10,000 is for ages 16-24 with an existing project established recently and on a small scale.

The Iris Prize of $15,000 is for ages 16-24 with an established project with the potential to replicate and scale.

Eligibility for the Iris Prize 2024

Awards welcome Individuals as well as teams with either an idea or an established project, focusing on protecting or restoring nature in your local community.

The only requirement is the age of applicants, which needs to fall between 14 and 24 years of age. 

To apply for the Iris Prize you need to take the eligibility quiz available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic. However, applications are accepted in any language and offline, too.

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Here is what you need to have ready for your application questions:

  • description of the problem your project is hoping to address
  • solution summary and how it addresses the problem that you have outlined
  • the role that young people will play in delivering your proposed solution
  • description of how your project acknowledges diversity and inclusion
  • summary of what Iris Prize winning will enable you to achieve

Interested in applying for the Iris Prize 2024? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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