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Eligibility: The project or business owner must not be more than 35 years old; the participant must be a citizen of the country where he/she participates; the project can be an idea or a start-up created within the last two years; the project should offer a practical way of addressing a public health, safety, education, accessibility or other issue affecting local communities.
Location: over 50 countries

Total Challenge 2018

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have a project you believe in? Is it innovative and does it address a social or community challenge in your country or for your fellow citizens? Register and apply now!

You could be the Startupper of the Year!

Total Challenge aims to support good ideas and projects that help address a widespread problem affecting communities in your country.

It could be about providing educational opportunities, reducing child mortality, improving public health, developing access to electricity in rural areas, improving road safety on the roads or building houses with eco-friendly materials — in fact, anything that could make life better in your country.

Anyone can change the world

Tell about how your project will help more and more people over time, at home or even abroad. Tell about how it empowers people, improves living conditions, and contributes to overall economic well-being.

Anyone can change the world — teenagers or graduates, men or women. As long as you believe in your project and want to make things better, take this opportunity to participate.

Top Female Entrepreneur

This year, a Top Female Entrepreneur category has been introduced. During the first Challenge, women accounted for almost 25% of the winners, even though they only made up 13% of the applicants.

Why apply?

After the success of the first Challenge in 34 African countries, this year’s has been extended to a total of 55 countries around the world.

3 winners from each country will receive financial support, extensive publicity and coaching. From among these 3 winners per country, we will select grand winners by region, who will be offered additional support.

The first Startupper of the Year by Total Challenge, held in 2015-2016, involved 34 African countries. It aimed to encourage social entrepreneurship and help under-35-year-olds develop their concepts or start-ups less than 2 years old.

More than 11,000 applications were received; 6,642 met requirements and were examined. They covered a wide variety of areas, from health and e-business to education and more.

The 102 winners of the Startupper of the Year by Total award were provided with three types of support by Total in their country: financing, coaching and media promotion.


3 Winners will receive:

  • Financial support
  • Heightened exposure (Media, PR, networking)
  • Coaching

6 Grand Regional Winners:

  • The first-place winner from each country will then compete for one of the six “Grand Regional Winner” awards!

Top Female Entrepreneur will receive:

  • Networking
  • Coaching/Mentoring

Interested in applying for the Total Challenge 2018? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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