Are you fascinated by the world of finance? Enjoying networking with like-minded people? Want to learn all about the latest trends in the field of finance, FinTech, banking and economics?

Mark your calendars, because the year 2019 has a lot of opportunities in store for you, from conferences, summits, forums to award ceremonies and competition.

Feel free to bookmark this article as we will keep the list fresh by adding more finance events throughout the year. Enjoy!

Finance events in the US in 2019

Finance events in May 2019

  • PRIVATE DEBT Deal Flow Summit | May 1, New York City, NY | A conference is for firms and professionals
  • CFO Symposium | May 2-3, Orlando, FL | This symposium will discuss critical success issues with CFOs, CEOs, Board Members and other senior bank officers who are interested in enhancing their organization’s profitability in 2019 and beyond
  • Investments & Wealth Institute Conference | May 5-8, Las Vegas, NV | The largest, and most prestigious association conference for advanced financial advisors in the world
  • Finance & Growth Conference | May 6-8, Las Vegas, NV | It is franchising’s premier event for connecting franchisors, franchisees and franchise lenders
  • Financial Inforum | May 6-8, Clearwater Beach, FL | The program is designed for financial leaders in the insurance industry
  • Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Summit | May 7, New York City, NY | The most established senior-level conference designed by and for the U.S. real estate mezzanine financing industry
  • SALT | May 7-10, Las Vegas, NA | It is a global thought leadership forum devoted to unlocking growth opportunities in the fields of finance, economics, entrepreneurship, public policy, technology and philanthropy
  • Fluidity Summit | May 9, New York City, NY | Meet the teams, companies, and technologies shaping the future of finance
  • CFO Leadership Conference | May 13 – 14, Boston, MA | Unprecedented educational programming for CFOs
    and senior financial executives
  • Specialty Finance Summit | May 14, New York City, NY | A long-standing series to discuss the future of securitizations, regulations, and how investors can prepare in the event of a recession
  • The Money Show | May 13-15, Las Vegas, NV | Learn In-Depth Strategies to Better Manage Your Money in the Current Environment
  • Digital Asset Summit | May 15, New York City, NY | Digital Asset Summit is a conference that helps bridge the gap between the legacy financial system and the nascent world of digital assets
  • Sellers Summit | May 15-17, Miami, FL | The ultimate “ecommerce learning experience” where you will get inspired not by stories, but by gaining all of the knowledge required to run your own successful ecommerce business

Finance events in June 2019

  • NIRI Annual Conference | June 2-5, Phoenix, AR | The must-attend event for Investor Relations professionals
  • Financial Fest | June 8, Phoenix, AR | The goal of Financial Fest is to present money and investment focused showcase of exhibitors and experienced financial planners and advisors to the Valley
  • Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference | June 10-11, Washington DC, WA | Meet face-to-face with knowledgeable representatives from the top solution providers impacting the sales and marketing landscape
  • SelectUSA Investment Summit | June 10-12, Washington DC, WA | The highest-profile event dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States
  • Marine Money Week | June 17-19, New York City, NY | Marine Money International has bridged the gap between shipowners and the international capital markets
  • Digital Banking Summit | June 19-21, Austin, TX | It is the leading and largest digital banking event in the industry, covering innovation in financial services for consumer and commercial customers

Finance events in July 2019

  • FX Week | July 11, New York City, NY | North America’s premier annual buy-side event for FX professionals
  • California Accounting & Business Show & Conference | July 23-24, Los Angeles, CA | Technology-Ideas-Skills-For Accountants & Finance Managers
  • Fearless in FinTech | July 15, San Francisco, CA | The event offers the unique opportunity to learn from and engage with a full spectrum of leaders representing the most creative and influential Financial Services and FinTech organizations
  • Digital Insurance Summit | July 15-16, Chicago, IL | Digital Insurance Summit is the only conference bringing together digital innovators from insurance companies, agencies, brokers, and insurtechs to discuss strategies to acquire and better serve your customers
  • CIO Finance Summit | July 17, New York City, NY | It is an opportunity for technology executives to have in-depth discussions on the best practices and strategies necessary to build customer-centric organizations
  • The Payments Institute | July 21-24, Atlanta, GA | Attending The Payments Institute gives you needed knowledge and skills to succeed in the payments industry
  • Future Branches | July 23-24, Boston, MA | The Conference for Banking & Credit Union Branch Innovators

Finance events in August 2019

  • Advanced Sales Forum | August 5-7, Chicago, IL | Created by advanced sales professionals, the Forum provides advice from industry leaders with unique expertise in this segment of the financial services market
  • CRF Forum & Expo | August 12-14, Seattle, WA | Featuring an exclusive array of the top solution and service providers in risk management in an exposition designed to support YOUR needs
  • Velocity Executive Summit Philadelphia | August 13, Philadelphia, PA | Learn how you can harness the power of Digital solutions, Big Data, Technology, Automation and more to move your financial institution into the next phase of the digital revolution
  • MoneyShow | August 15-17, San Francisco, CA | Get unbiased perspectives, keen insights, and actionable recommendations from 50+ money experts to position your portfolio for profits in the year ahead
  • Northwest Bank Finance & Accounting Conference | August 20, Portland, OR | This conference explores current regulatory and industry issues of interest to bank finance and accounting professionals
  • Ai4 Finance | August 21-22, New York City, NY | Ai4 Finance conference brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
  • Black Economic Expo | August 24-25, Tulsa, OK | BEE exists to give businesses the unique tools that are required for business development and financial sustainability

Finance events in September 2019

  • AI in Finance Summit | September 5-6, New York, NY | Discover advances in AI & machine learning tools and techniques from the world’s leading innovators across industry, research and the financial sector
  • Wealth Stack | September 8-10, Scottsdale, AZ | The first event of its kind. Bridging the gap between technology, investment management and practice management
  • XYPN Live | September 8-11, St. Louis, MO | XYPN Live aims to provide a turnkey solution for startup firms, existing financial planning practices, and large firms looking to better serve next-gen clients
  • RevGen Insight Summit | September 9-11, San Diego, CA | The summit will look at key topics such as: organizational design and investments; efficiency and revenue acceleration; and forecasting and business intelligence
  • Wealth Investment Exchange | September 15, Charleston, SC | Connecting elite wealth managers with the industry’s most innovative suppliers
  • SoCal Expo | September 18, Universal City, CA | Learn new skills and refresh the fundamentals in cash management
  • Solutions Payment Conference | September 18-19,  Chattanooga, TN | The Conference will provide educational, training, and networking opportunities for our members to grow professionally and to connect with global industry leaders within the financial payments industry
  • Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference | September 18-20, Miami, FL | Conference comprised of educational sessions and networking opportunities to aid in the growth of your business
  • PayThink | September 18-20, Los Angeles, CA | The industry’s premier bank-focused payments forum with content covering the rapidly changing, inter-connected markets of debit, credit, mobile, prepaid and digital payments
  • Cyber Security Financial Services Exchange | September 22-24, Charlotte, NC | Benchmark strategies alongside Officers from leading organizations at this invitation-only event
  • Kayo Women Credit Forum | September 23, Boston, MA | Two days of networking, deal-making and education, breakout panels and keynotes covering everything from leveraged loans to project finance to distressed debt
  • World Financial Symposium | September 23-26, Miami, FL | Share insights, discuss industry challenges and best practices for Aviation financial management

Finance events in October 2019

  • Insurance Leadership Forum | October 4-8, Colorado Springs, CO | The industry’s premier marketplace meeting for the commercial property/casualty industry’s top-tier broker executives and their carrier partners
  • LSX World Congress USA | October 7-8, Boston, MA | LSX USA focuses on strategy, investment and partnering
  • Mercer Global Investment Forum | October 22-23, Boston, MA | The event highlights the ever-growing trend toward sustainable investing, which is now becoming standard
  • ABA Convention | October 27-30, Seattle, WA | The Annual Convention gathers bankers from institutions of all sizes to explore trends and emerging issues in financial services—and how we can respond to ensure a strong future for our industry
  • Money 20/20 | October 27-30, Las Vegas, NV | Money20/20 is where the Payments, Fintech and Financial Services ecosystem unites to create and explore the disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money

Finance events in November 2019

  • Greenwich Economic Forum | November 5-6, Greenwich, CT | An Alternative Investment Conference focusing on the defining issues of our times
  • Altsmia Investor Forum | November 7, Miami, FL | Join the industry’s leading experts from across the alternative investment spectrum for a full day of engaging discussion, education and commentary
  • EEI Financial Conference | November 11-13, Orlando, FL | Discussion at the conference provides updates on issues and strategies that impact the electric power industry’s financial performance and its access to the global marketplace
  • Texas Institutional Investor Forum | November 14, Austin, TX | It is an educational initiative designed through close coordination with the region’s leading institutional investors to build peer communities that merge global best practices with local expertise

Finance events in December 2019

  • Insurance Market Summit | December 4, Hartford, CT | The premier annual industry gathering for insurance leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in Hartford, the nation’s Insurance Capital
  • Alternative Investing Summit | December 4-6, Dana Point, CA | It will bring together trustees and representatives of institutions as well as money managers and consultants to explore the roles of alternative opportunities and strategies

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