Deadline: October 20, 2024 23:59 CEST | Register here
Dates: October 23-24, 2024

Are you looking to join an event with over 2,500 startups, and 12,000 attendees from 100+ countries and forge prospective connections?

Valencia Digital Summit 2024

This year’s VDS under the theme ‘Embracing Evolution: Invest in the Leaders of Tomorrow,’ is the seventh edition of the event. Happening on October 23-24 it will feature TNW, a Financial Times Company, as a Strategic Partner and will examine how the current technological revolution is positively impacting society.

Whether you’re a startup looking to make pivotal connections, an investor seeking the next big innovation, or a tech enthusiast eager to learn from industry leaders, VDS 2024 offers a gateway to endless opportunities

VDS2024 will analyze the positive impact of the current technological revolution on society. It will do so with the help of the brightest leaders in the global innovation and technology ecosystem.

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Main Pillars of VDS

VDS 2024 will tackle several critical pillars of innovation that are shaping the future of technology and society:

Artificial Intelligence
Discover AI’s role in revolutionizing industries, unlocking limitless opportunities, and shaping the technological future. Gain valuable insights from industry experts on AI’s transformative power.

Engage in discussions and explore solutions driving a greener future. Moreover, connect with visionaries and changemakers leading sustainable innovations.

Explore the transformative impact of technology in healthcare, including AI, telemedicine, and personalized medicine.

Women in Tech
Get inspired by pioneering women who have broken barriers in tech. Join engaging talks focusing on the role of women in the tech field.

The Future of Work
Gain insights into how emerging trends are reshaping traditional work models.  Dive into presentations and expert panels exploring the future of work structures.

Next-Gen Audiovisual Sector
Experience the latest advancements in audiovisual technologies, sustainability, and innovation. Participate in discussions and demonstrations highlighting trends in the Next-Gen Audiovisual Sector.

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