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Location: Paris, France

Viva Technology 2017: Startup Connect

Viva Technology exists to celebrate innovation. It is known that business success depends more than ever on innovation. And VivaTech believes that innovation will secure richer possibilities for our shared future.

Progress is easier together. So VivaTech is built around the simple but powerful idea that meaningful relationships can happen between unlikely partners. It helps dynamic startups engage with proven leaders to come up with business solutions that will change tomorrow’s business and society.

  • EMPOWERING: Viva Technology enables individuals and organizations from around the world to meet and unleash their creative power. VivaTech puts the right resources behind the best innovations – with spectacular results.
  • PIONEERING: Viva Technology invested in transformation. It gathers disruptors and innovators to pioneer change for a tomorrow most people only dare to imagine.
  • DARING: Viva Technology doesn’t believe in limits. The more audacious the proposition, the more we want to get behind it! They believe in breaking barriers, pursuing convictions, and realizing visions.

Bringing innovators together

Last year’s rendezvous saw 45,000 attendees from around the world, 5,000 startups and 600 speakers. Highlights included keynotes speeches by Eric Schmidt, Robin Li and David Marcus; The Self Driving Car Prototype from Waymo (which made its first European appearance at Vivatech 2016)

Why attend?

  • LABS: Viva Technology brings together big companies and startups who co-create the best solutions to challenges facing business and society. Labs are hosted by market leaders from each sector who have an opportunity to work with the talent they need. For startups, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience (and growth hacks don’t get bigger than this).
  • HALL OF TECH: The spectacle begins the moment you set foot in VivaTech. Hall of Tech, a living display of premieres, global launches and showcases, welcomes guests into the celebration. The Hall gives way to a central arena featuring drone battles and robots, a sparkling musical setlist of the brightest new talent, today’s most advanced VR/AR and AI experiences, and the main stage that spotlights keynote speakers, awards and pitches.
  • CONFERENCE: Whatever gets you excited, they’ve got a speaker for you. Across 6 stages, take your pick from 350 of the most inspiring thinkers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders in the world. You’ll learn from sector leaders and game-changers at talks, roundtables and workshops that focus on redefining business and bringing it into the future.
  • ACCELERATOR: Being the best and brightest of global tech takes collaboration – that’s why VivaTech gives startups insider access to investment funds, corporates, incubators, consulting firms and other resources that’ll boost your business. Not only will you build industry relationships to take your startup to the next level, you can even scout via VivaTech’s matchmaking app and steady stream of shiny new next-gen talent.

2017 Themes

This summer VivaTech will cover up to 35 industries exposed to technological disruption. It will focus on tech’s role in the future of society and industry, with experts coming from all over the world to share their thoughts on:

  • disruption
  • emerging trends in innovation
  • success stories and best practices
  • ways for startups to grow
  • the social impact of technology

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