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Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and online

Wild Digital Southeast Asia 2022

Wild Digital’s annual flagship event, Wild Digital Southeast Asia, is THE STAGE where it all happens — the gathering of this region’s biggest players and leaders of the tech landscape to share their most exciting ideas and learnings from their successes, and discuss the upcoming trends that are propelling Southeast Asia into the global arena.

2021 saw Southeast Asia cementing its place amongst the world tech leaders with its stable of headline-making Unicorns, “Super Apps” and record-breaking investment funding pipeline.

So, what’s in store for 2022? As the world buzzes with the hype of Web3 and the Metaverse that is driven by the continuous steep uptick in digital adoption, is SEA ready to rumble or are they running ahead of the curve? Find out more this July!

Why attend?

What makes Wild Digital Southeast Asia different? Check out the key elements of the conference below!

  • World-class Programme with Star-studded Speaker Lineup
    Specially curated agenda with insight into the latest tech trends by industry giants and rising disruptors—all in ONE STAGE!
  • Network with SEA’s Tech Leaders and Influencers
    Meet, connect, and share with like-minded folks who have made it work and are redefining the global tech industry.
  • Get First Dibs on the Region’s Hottest Topics and Trends
    Hear it first from industry experts and leaders on their thoughts and insight on the hottest topics and trends.

Some of the Key Themes

  • Digital Banking and Fintech

Covid-19 has accelerated society’s transition into a cashless system. Despite parts of the population remaining unbanked and underbanked, the relevance and prominence of digital banking and fintech services is now irrefutably and eventually unavoidable.

With the adoption of even newer forms of currencies and digital transactions like Bitcoin and Ethereum, we ask, what comes next in this evolution and how do we level the playing field for all?

  • Cutting Queues: The rise of Q-Commerce

Leveraging on the fast and furious trends, Q-Commerce has emerged as an offshoot of of E-Commerce, delivering a new dimension of quick service to cater to on-demand needs.

With the changing consumer dynamics, speed is a key defining factor in a time-starved society. How are these E-Commerce giants staying nimble while keeping up with the accelerating tempo?

  • Capitals and Investments: The Gold Rush Continues

Gaining momentum in 2020, Southeast Asia saw record-breaking capital and investments flood the region as its Unicorns gallop towards global domination. As notions of keen interest in technologies that promise a more resilient, sustainable and healthy future stirs within the ecosystem, E-commerce, Fintech and Logistics still remain the engines of growth.

With the dust settling from the economic disruption that is Covid-19, where will the attention of investors and venture capitalists shift towards?

  • Untangling the Web3 Discourse

What seems dystopian and were merely theoretical concepts just a decade or two ago, is now a reality. Even as we race to keep up, the line separating the digital and physical worlds converge evermore—with new ideas, new concepts, and new realities taking shape each day.

Here, we attempt to demystify and unravel the threads that make up Web3, to share why this new emerging space, is one we should all sit up and take notice of.

  • Neo-Tech Ready to Take Centre Stage

While Digital Banking, Fintech, and E-Commerce continue to play vital roles in forming tech solutions and form the broader crux of the systems we know today, the rise of Neo-Tech like Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web3 have significantly set their foot in every sector.

This development heralds the next generation of regional startups within the Climate-tech, Food-tech, Edu-tech and verticals of similar vein, to blaze a path in the global tech battlefield.

  • Sustainability and Future Tech

The future is now. With major environmental concerns like global warming and loss of biodiversity growing dire, how do we balance sustainability-centric initiatives with the advancement of technology, the natural with the digital?

The role tech plays in the creation of a more sustainable future for all, has to evolve in tangent with the pressing environmental concerns we now face. What remains is, what is the best way forward?

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