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Location: Orlando, The United States

World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality 2017

The 4th World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality: Innovation, Partnerships and Sharing, taking place in Orlando – The City Beautiful – will provide an interactive, dynamic and international platform for academics and practitioners to discuss how to enhance research applications and knowledge management through innovation and partnerships in a sharing world.

Participants will have the opportunity to strengthen and transform partnerships with various stakeholders, including academic researchers, industry professionals, and government officials, through dialogues on how to better utilize research outputs for the benefits of the industry, in an innovative and sharing way.

Innovation, Partnerships, and Sharing

The Summit theme ‘Innovation, Partnerships, and Sharing’ recognizes the growth, significance and challenges offered by the increasingly networked and sharing economy with its impacts permeating the entire travel, tourism and hospitality policy agendas at a global scale.

The need to balance the needs wants and expectations of industry, tourists and residents in such a fast-changing environment are such that new approaches to partnerships and innovation are necessary in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks from the opportunities at hand.

Summit topics

Presentations and discussions will include, but are not limited to, the following themes/topics within the domain of hospitality and tourism:

  • Policy, planning, and governance
  • Business models and operational practice
  • Marketing, branding and reputation management
  • Consumer behavior, collaborative consumption, co-creation, decision making, experience and satisfaction
  • Product, service and experiential innovations
    Sport tourism, festivals and events, lodging and MICE marketing and management
  • Competitiveness, sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Service excellence and service quality
  • Social media, emerging technologies and e-tourism
  • Human resources management and strategic leadership development
  • Innovation, creativity and change management
  • Economics and forecasting
  • Crisis management, risk management, safety and security
  • Education and training
  • Financial and performance management
  • Emerging research methods and methodologies
  • other topics of contemporary significance in hospitality and tourism with a global focus

Who should attend?

  • Academics in tourism and hospitality fields
  • Tourism/hospitality researchers and industry consultants
  • Tourism/hospitality industry product suppliers
  • Interregional organizations with interest in tourism and hospitality research
  • Tourism policymakers and national tourism organizations
  • Graduate students in tourism and hospitality
  • Administrators of tourism and hospitality management educational programs
  • Tourism and hospitality industry executives and representatives of multinational firms
  • Financial institutions and tourism industry investors

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