Dates: October 8-9, 2023| Register here
Prices: starting from USD 499,-
Location: Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

WOW Summit Dubai 2023

Prepare to indulge in the most luxurious and exclusive Web3 event of the year! WOW Summit Dubai 2023 is coming, and it promises to be an extraordinary experience for the high-profile and celebrated few.

Following its unparalleled success in Lisbon and Hong Kong, this event is the ultimate gathering of the world’s most distinguished industry leaders, government officials, funds and VCs, NFT and digital artists, entrepreneurs, and multinational corporates.

Join WOW Summit Dubai for an unparalleled experience of luxury, exclusivity, and innovation

Dubai, the Global Capital of Web 3.0 and NFT Marketplace, is the perfect destination for this event. With over 1,000 company headquarters in the country, the UAE is already a burgeoning metaverse space.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to unlock the endless potential of Web3 technology alongside the world’s most elite and distinguished visionaries.

With its forward-thinking approach to technology regulation and rapidly developing metaverse space, Dubai is the ideal location to explore cutting-edge trends and innovations in the realm of Web3.

Connect with like-minded leaders to pitch, collaborate or build the future of Web3 together

  • Enterprises
    Find relevant projects for collaboration, network with regional government authorities, and discuss your business expansion in Middle East, Asia or Europe.
  • Digital art lovers
    Meet artists and creators, explore new NFT art, negotiate deals, find backers, and hang out with other talented folks in the space.
  • Startups
    Get noticed by the most distinguished investors and VC firms from around the world at this once-in-a-lifetime immersive networking opportunity.
  • Developers
    Discuss the latest technology news, meet local and global developer communities, and find potential clients, talent, or partners.
  • Investors and funds
    Meet valuable startups with traction and possibly the next unicorn to invest. Get access to curated startup pitch decks.
  • Government officials
    Explore the latest tech solutions for CBDC, Digital ID, tracking and tracing, AML and RegTech, and healthcare blockchain-based projects.

Interested in attending the WOW Summit Dubai 2023? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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