Businesses are never going to remain untouched by technology waves as they come at them.

2019 will be a year that the megatrends experts are talking about will start to see the light. But it isn’t just a big world of robotics, virtual reality, self-driving vehicles, and drones, or other AI technology that benefits businesses.

The 4 technologies that will impact businesses in 2019

Even the smaller less noticeable developments can be huge boosters for small businesses as they look to compete in their respective sectors. And megatrends are going to be the game changers for big companies.

This WSJ report showed that data analytics has been viewed as the biggest megatrend disruptor currently for most companies, but automated labor forces weren’t too far behind.

Yet, there are a few other very useful changes for businesses you may want to look out for.

4. Very fast 5G mobile networks

Always being connected and being able to access information, accounts, the cloud, or just to check in on a project is something all businesses stand to benefit from.

Major mobile carriers realize the huge market for high-speed data and are investing a lot more capital into it, and in 2019 you can expect to see 5G networks take off as Forbes points out.

Just think of how much easier life can be for small business owners if the power were to go out but they can continue work by using their mobile device and a 5G network.

3. Increased mobile printer use

With the increased use of online data processing and more applications and paperwork being shifted to online platforms, print material may not be in the same demand it once was.

But printers have not gone obsolete yet, and if you’ve ever been traveling and found yourself suddenly needing to print something, it may be a hassle trying to get to your nearest FedEx or UPS store.

Mobile printing is certainly one of the current trends, and they’re usually not all that much bigger than a mobile phone and can fit in a briefcase or traveler’s bag quite easily.

They’re also very inexpensive and while some may not have the print quality or cartridge durability of others, there are many moments when they can come in handy for business owners or employees.

2. More sophisticated chatbots

Chatbots were often been seen as those little annoying announcers on old chat software or sometimes even in your phone’s text messages.

But they’re becoming programmed now to a point where they can understand and interact better with humans and guide them through processes.

You can definitely expect chatbots to continue being developed in 2019, and companies will likely add them in more roles.

While humans will not completely be taken out of the equation for transaction assistance and customer service, think of how much easier businesses can meet customer service needs without having to put them on hold at their call centers.

1. Digitization of financing for businesses

Probably by far and away the biggest benefit to businesses will be the continued growth of alternative financing, especially through digital platforms ranging from micro-lending sources to cryptocurrency investments in them.

Getting funding through initial coin offerings (ICOs) is still very much a novelty, and many may consider it a bit too risky without government regulation and intervention.

But the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain has made financing through ICOs or other online microlending forms much easier and certainly less costly than issuing an IPO, and if this form of financing becomes more ubiquitous in 2019, you may be seeing fewer loan applicants at the banks in the future.

To sum up

In conclusion, if you’re a business owner these new trends can be very helpful to you particularly as working on the move starts becoming helpful.

Companies like Amazon and Google may be dominating much of the spaces nowadays that old brick and mortar companies once held several years ago, but the path is starting to be formed for smaller businesses to enter their new world.

All it will take is just a little research on the part of small business owners and adopting these technologies to compete in 2019.

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