6 simple and amazing ways for millennials to succeed

Millennials face a daunting challenge to find a rewarding and successful career. The following six actions will increase their chances of success.

1. Your life expectations may be unrealistic; re-examine them.

You are often tagged as being narcissistic and feeling entitled.

“It’s all about you” doesn’t cut it in most organizations. Many are trying to get closer to recognizing your lifestyle but that won’t happen overnight. Others simply won’t go there.

Either way, for the short term at least, you either have to change your expectations or look to the unconventional niche business stream for a job.

2. Be clear on the organizations you intend to target.

Identify the companies that you think have the potential of satisfy your wants and expectations.

You don’t have enough cycles to send your resume around, hoping to land a suitable job. It’s ineffective in any event. Do your research.

Study the leaders. Narrow your options down to three or four high-potential organizations to begin with and expand from there once you have established yourself.

Develop a killer resume to differentiate yourself from everyone else who uses a boilerplate template.

3. Work on your answer to the question: “Why should I hire you for this job and not one of the five hundred other millennials who applied?”

The number of those job hunting is huge and if you can’t differentiate yourself from the others, you will be invisible, ignored and unsuccessful.

4. Be ready to give a convincing answer to: “Why should I hire you when you have a proven track record of disloyalty?”

Fair or unfair, the business world perceives you as being “here today; gone tomorrow”, changing jobs frequently as soon as the work environment and/or money are no longer acceptable to you.

The resume of a person who’s moving around too much raises questions about his or her desirability, as it goes against what most organizations want: an employee who is committed to what the company stands for and is prepared to stick around for a while.

5. If you’re not a marketer you’re at a disadvantage.

There is a good chance that you will exhaust all of your target employers and will have to step out on your own.

Fortunately, you have the “on paper” credentials necessary to build a business in the digital and social media world.

To succeed, however, you must find a niche market opportunity where no one else is playing and where your skills can be applied.

Hone your marketing competencies. Look for small segments where no one else plays. Talk to people about what they “yearn for”. Build capabilities for other millennials to engage with and learn from each other.

Create an innovative work environment for others in your tribe.

6. Don’t look for the perfect job.

Get a job and THEN work on your career.

In fact, I don’t think your objective should be to land a career; it’s not reasonable given your circumstances.

Get a job, learn something, apply what you have learned productively, decide if it is what you want to do FOREVER, and then take the next step.

Your career will evolve from this process. The truth is you don’t know what your career will be when you start. There are too many variables. Go do stuff and see where it takes you.8

Young professionals who succeed in today’s world are prepared to approach their career strategy differently; these six steps will separate you from the crowd.

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