I think a lot about (my) leadership. I try (and hopefully mostly succeed) in being a good leader for my team and providing solid leadership throughout the organization. And yet – especially when it comes to leadership – we are all always learning.

Recently I came across a line in a book which I found profound both in its simplicity and relevance:

“A leader has nothing to prove but everything to prove.”

As a leader you don’t need to prove yourself, as your position in your organization, your role and title already give you the authority which was bestowed upon you. You have nothing to prove.

At the same time leadership is based on trust and respect. And this you have to earn. Every single day. With every single interaction. You have to earn the respect and trust of your team – in the field, where it counts.

Rest assured that you have nothing to prove in 2016. And work hard to prove everything in the year ahead.

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