Harvard professors, leadership classes, entrepreneurship spirit, personal development workshops, all spiced with tango evenings, photography hours and fun team-building activities.

Every year for a week, Poiana Brasov hosts Aspire Academy, the largest summer school of leadership and entrepreneurship in Romania and in the Balkan region. The brightest students Europe are invited to attend an intensive summer programme, meet new people, experience the Harvard style of leadership, and eventually become members of the Aspire Alumni Community.

“Before Aspire I thought that success is about constantly breaking your limits. At Aspire, I learnt that, by having the right people close to you, there is no need to do that, because you won’t have any limits!” – Miriam Serban, 2013 Alumna

Furthermore, renown entrepreneurs and leaders in Romania and in the region join each day of the school to share their success stories with the participants. Former speakers are Florin Talpes (the founder of Bitdefender), Ivan Pataichin (7 Olympic gold and silver medals and 22 World Championship medals), Anca Harasim (Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest), Charles Frank (CFO of the largest media group in Eastern and Central Europe, Central European Media Enterprises and now serves as Director of member of Related Party Transactions Committee and the Treasury/Finance Committee), and many others.

“Amazing experience! You really don’t expect that 7 days can change your life completely and that you’ll meet so many great people at one place and have a feeling that you know them for the whole life. But that’s why Aspire is so different from any other summer program.” – Jelena Lučić – Alumna 2014

Aside from the amazing one-week experience, the participants of the summer school automatically become members of the Aspire Community, which successfully manages to keep the group united, through various programmes and events organized in Bucharest, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid or Belgrade.

In a nutshell, not with a shadow of doubt Aspire Academy is one of the most important summer events, that every European student should apply for.

“I predict Aspire to become the most important hub of ethical leaders in our region.” – Dorá Polgár – Alumna 2013

Opportunity summary

Aspire Academy 2015
A life-changing experience for future leaders and entrepreneurs
Application deadline: May 10, 2015
[Oops, the opportunity has already expired. Sign up to AlphaGamma weekly newsletters to stay ahead of the game]
Dates: July 10-18, 2015
Venue: Poiana Brasov, Romania
Fee: EUR 290 (covering tuition fee, accommodation at 4* Sport Hotel, and 3 meals a day). Scholarships are available.

alphagamma aspire academy 2015


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