Even though Facebook is in a little trouble lately, with more than 2 billion registered accounts, it is still the largest social network to date.

How to become a Facebook Ninja

Businesses love using Facebook and they should keep using it to succeed. From small businesses to large corporation, having social media accounts is always a bonus in order for the customers to know what are you up to next.

While the majority of businesses are on Facebook, according to Neil Patel, around 62% of small businesses feel like their paid Facebook Ad campaigns are failing.

So how can one become a Facebook Ninja?

Here are some time-proven tactics that anyone can follow to become a Facebook content ninja.

1. Define the content clearly

No one wants to read a boring story.

Everyone is looking for a brief content piece about a specific topic, with enough relevant information to stay insightful. It is important to keep the tone of the article friendly while making it up to the point.

According to Buffer, 55% of the visitors read the article you have published only for 15 seconds.

So how do you make your followers read the whole article? Mixing in some humor is one of the great ways to keep yours readers interested.

Add some relevant factual data and your article will improve the chances of going viral tremendously.

2. Make the content relevant

So you are writing an article about traveling in the USA and you don’t mention the USA at all.

That happens a lot.

Many content writers are actually missing on the information that they are planning on giving in the article.

They are writing everything and forgetting the actual information that they are planning on writing.

Misinformation is now used in order to trick you into clicking on the article and “read” it.

Many people rely only on the clicks because they are making money out of it. If you want a great article, give the article the information your reader needs.

3. Your content needs to be persuasive

We are all writing content in order to sell something.

And in this article, I am talking about how to make a sale. So in order to sell something and to become a Facebook Ninja, a great tactic is to write the content and inside of the content to make a reference to your product or service.

Focus on the content first: present a little bit of information about the topic you are writing about, and only then present them your product or talk about your company.

Here’s a quick example: say, you are writing an article about traveling to Bali, you give your reader a list of breath-taking beaches, cheap food and great places to stay.

And right after you are done describing the places to stay, you could add “And you can visit Bali for 499$ if you visit our page. We can give you the best deal for Bali”.

Those who need to go to Bali will click on the deal and hopefully will make the purchase right away.

Becoming a Facebook Content Ninja takes time and practice, and a lot of experimenting. In order to be good at content writing, you will need to write a lot.

So get on writing and experimenting with different tactics.

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