Social media is a powerful tool to grow SMEs as it provides cost-effective solutions and yields quick results.

It creates customer interaction, lasting relationships and helps to grow the business significantly.

It plays a crucial role in brand awareness and brand recognition. Here are the key points explaining the benefits of social media in the growth of SMEs.

6 key benefits of social media for SMEs

1. Drive traffic

It isn’t enough to create a website but it also important to drive the traffic.

Social media is a great platform to drive the traffic even to a new site. Promote the content of the site including service or product pages, blog, images, and videos.

Create social media posts with a call to action to make users perform a specific action and contribute to the social traffic to your website.

This will increase the average time spent on the site, reduce the bounce rate which will improve the visibility in the search engines as well.

Thus, it will increase your search result rankings and overall website traffic.

2. Provide valuable customer insights

There are millions of users on the social media networks.

It is thus the best channel to communicate with the customers.

You can respond to their messages or other queries and connect with them on social media channels.

Add chat bots or autoresponders to connect with them instantly and reply to their messages or queries.

Users prefer to give reviews and feedback on social media sites. So, respond to them even if they are negative.

Sites having reviews on social sites have the strong presence online.

3. Effective in lead generation

This is one of the most important benefits of social media.

There are millions of users using social media every day. So it is the best platform to reach your target audience and acquire the leads.

By following the right social media optimization tips, you can connect with your target audience and capture the leads.

Remember to add the call to action button as “contact us”, “call us” and provide people a way to land on your landing page and take an appropriate action.

Later on, you can nurture these leads and convert them into sales. Facebook and LinkedIn are effective channels for generating leads.

4. Content promotion

Content should be promoted on social media channels.

This will help to reach a larger audience who actively check their favorite social media platform every minute.

Content promotion helps in engaging the audience and increasing your follower base.

It makes the content go viral and drives massive traffic and sales from the social circles. Retweets, mentions, likes, +1, comments all are the key metrics which contribute to the growth of SMEs.

By actively promoting your content, you can increase the average time spent on site, and reduce bounce rate.

These all metrics will help to increase the visibility of your site in the search engine result pages.

You can promote the new products or services on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. For better results, you can create the product demo and post on the social media channels to boost the initial sales.

It is the best platform to make the announcements about discounts, offers or big sales. When people see these promotional offers, they immediately rush to the store outlets.

5. Brand awareness & recognition

Branding is important for the SMEs to achieve the sustainable growth.

Social media is a powerful tool to generate the brand awareness and brand recognition. Thus this it is an important point in the benefits of social media.

When you share the content, images, videos, GIFs on a regular basis then people come to know about your brand.

When they decide to buy certain products or services then they consider your brand in the list of their options.

Instagram is an emerging channel to grow your brand. You can share images, live videos and Instagram stories related to your brand.

Infographics are getting more attention so you can explain about your products or services by creating great infographics having the name of your brand.

You can share these on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and reach a larger audience and create brand awareness and recognition.

6. Competitor analysis

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the best channels to search your competitors and analyze them.

You can check what your competitors are actively sharing, following and liking. These channels provide insights about the social media strategies they follow.

All these will help you to outperform them in an online industry.

Final thoughts

Looking to the above benefits of social media, prepare and implement strategies to stay ahead in the competition and grow your brand.

How do you like the post? How do you apply these tips in planning your social media strategy? Let me know in the comments below!

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