Have you ever noticed that people and businesses with high social media engagement grow at the speed of light? It should be no surprise.

Engagement is one of the best growth hacks on social media.

A silent account is almost the same as a non-existent one

Sounds harsh right? The fact is that social media engagement is also a form of customer service. With customer service, we create a dialogue on the phone or by e-mail.

With social media engagement, we engage with existing and prospect followers that could, in turn, become customers.

This is why engagement is so important on social media. You never know when you could be missing out on the next big ticket client or even a dream investor.

Social media engagement growth hacks

One of the most efficient ways to keep your audience engaged is to create a dialogue with them.

This is one of the easiest ways also to attract a new following. It’s also an excellent way to have your current audience share your posts.

Creating a dialogue with your followers is the most efficcent way to keepthem engaged

1. Use your posts to ask questions

Maybe you are having a hard time deciding between business headshots. Maybe you want to know how many of your followers have read a particular business publication.

How about asking them about their goals? Asking them to share a business milestone and ask them for advice.

Asking a question is one of the most efficient ways to create dialogue and keep it going

Once they respond, keep engaging, answer and ask more questions to show that you are interested in what they have to say.

The higher the engagement on the post, the more chances it has to get shared.

2. Join a Twitter chat

If you are using Twitter, you’ve probably seen at some point how popular dialogues are on Twitter.

You can find current and upcoming Twitter Chats by looking up the hashtag #twitterchat on Twitter.

Then join and chat away. This is an excellent way to create engagement, gain the new following and overall bring curiosity to your page.

Generally speaking, someone needs to see your ads, social media accounts, and interactions many times before they consider being interested in your products or services.

3. Create dialogue on Instagram

Instagram is one of my favourite tools to find new clients. The Instagram community is growing by the minute, and you can be apart of it too!

I’ve increased my Instagram following by 5500 followers since September.

To some, that may not be a significant number, but when we are talking about 5500 engaged followers who are regularly active on your page, that speaks volume!

One of the easiest ways to create social media engagement on Instagram is to either ask a question in your post copy or create a text graphic and ask a question to create engagement.

My favorite is asking my audience about their social media or business goals. I love the encouragement and community feeling it creates

Another great way to direct an audience back to your page is to regularly communicate on pages of people and businesses that you admire. This increases your chances of getting featured, mentions and tagged in various posts.

This increases your chances of getting featured, mentions and tagged in various posts.

You should always respond to Instagram comments

So, how does social media engagement measure up to customer services?

That’s simple as we mentioned above: social media engagement is a form of customer service. The world is watching and how you will be perceived, is entirely up to you.

Too busy is not an excuse. delegate, outsource, hire, do whatever you need to! If you don’t have the resources to delegate or hire someone, you need to develop a productivity strategy.

Comment below and let us know your favourite social media growth hacks!

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