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Are you a changemaker who wants to build a more sustainable world?

Looking for a platform to address global issues and exchange ideas with like-minded innovators?

🌍 Join ChangeNOW on a mission to accelerate the solutions to the biggest challenges of our century!

ChangeNOW is the world’s largest gathering of innovations for the planet.

Over 3 days, the summit puts the spotlight on the most concrete and innovative solutions to face the world’s biggest challenges.

Take a look at the top innovations for the planet that will be presented during the Summit

  • PLANET CARE: Innovative filtering solutions that effectively stop microfibre emissions from the washing of clothes
  • BEYOND LEATHER: A sustainable alternative to leather-based on leftovers from apple juice and cider production
  • ORIGINAL REPACK: Helping brands to improve their environmental impact thanks to a reusable packaging service
  • GROASIS: Technology allowing to plant productive trees and vegetables in hot, dry and eroded areas
  • BIOMA: Rebalancing the microbiota in the farm for a complete transformation to reduce NH3 emissions
  • ECOTEN URBAN COMFORT: Making sense of data to facilitate the adaptation of cities towards climate change
  • AERODELFT: Designing and manufacturing the world’s first liquid hydrogen fuel cell-powered aircraft
  • BEEODIVERSITY: Monitoring pollution and biodiversity by using bees as environmental drones and data interpretation software
  • EODEV: Accelerating the energy transition by offering sustainable, reliable, and accessible industrial solutions
  • FOLD AI: Bringing IoT and AI to natural ecosystems for forestry, biodiversity and climate change remediation
  • LHYFE LABS: Producing clean hydrogen from renewable and natural resources without any CO2 emission
  • NOTPLA: Sustainable packaging made from seaweed that is naturally biodegradable and even edible

ChangeNOW 2021 will also gather over 20 partner events complementing the official programming

changenow summit

ChangeNOW 2021 is hosting the HeforShe International Summit celebrating the solutions implemented over the past five years to build a more diverse, inclusive, and gender-equal world.

This special event will also be the occasion to announce the campaign’s new ambition, surrounded by a line-up of 35 world-class speakers.

Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary will have its world premiere at ChangeNOW 2021!

Breaking Boundaries: The Road to a Cleaner, Healthier and More Peaceful World takes the audience on a journey to discover the planetary thresholds we must not cross, not only for the stability of our planet but for the future of humanity.

It also explores the solutions we can and must put in place now if we are to protect the Earth’s life support systems.

There is more surprises waiting for you!

  • A film festival with films that change the world, followed by meetings with filmmakers, and personalities of positive-impact cinema
  • An art program and the first sustainable art auction, in partnership with Christie’s! Discover committed artists, promoting art as a medium for positive change
  • An impact job fair to discover hundreds of jobs with a purpose and meet mission-driven recruiters
  • A human library with experts and changemakers ready to exchange freely with participants
  • A live TV to follow the highlights of the event and discover exclusive interviews with changemakers
  • A world tour of impact with exclusive lives to meet the places of change across the globe

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