Have you got a business idea ready to turn into a profitable venture?

Sounds great! But have you already decided where you’re going to locate it?

Setting up a startup is a turning point that impacts the whole life. If you are focused on the success of your business, you must consider where to locate it in terms of resources, demand, economic situation.

The location of your future venture may be the key to its success

To help you out in your research of places offering the most for your business let us present you the Asian innovation hub – Okinawa.

This idyllic Japanese subtropical island is where we can observe a rapid economic growth that turned this location into an Asian innovation hub.

Due to the increasing number of tourists visiting the island as well as a growing number of businesses moving there, highly developed logistics has made Okinawa a hub connecting Japan with Asia. From there, you can reach a market of 2 billion people living in China, Japan and ASEAN within 4-5 hours by plane.

With the goal of making Okinawa a place where Japanese and overseas companies convene, Okinawa Prefectural Government is constantly investing in accelerating the regional development.

Photo credit: OIST

Have you considered starting or expanding your business to Asia?

East Asia has become a very attractive environment drawing the attention of many foreign entrepreneurs looking to expand or start their venture there.

With China overtaking the US in terms of GDP and the rise of emerging markets in Asia, the global economic power shifting from West to East will continue in the next years, according to PwC. But it’s not the only reason making Asia a very interesting place to establish a business.

In the past years, Asia’s tech startup scene has been experiencing rapid growth attracting founders from all around the world bringing and developing their ideas with the help of the governments offering investment opportunities.

According to CBInsights, the amount of money invested into nearly 8,500 deals to tech startups from Asia and the Pacific region exceeded $110B.

Some of the well-known tech startups established in Asia are Ant Financial Services (funded over $19B), Grab ($9B in total funding), Gojek ($4.6B), and Coupang ($3.8B).

Asia’s startup scene has plenty to offer for the founders. Attend the major events such as RISE, Asia Tech, Cybertech, TOKEN2049, WILD DIGITAL, Tech in Asia, Techsauce, Slush, Echelon and many more happening in your neighborhood!

Plant a seed for your future in the Land of Cherry Blossoms

As the third-largest economy in the world, with its GDP crossing the $5 trillion mark in 2019, over the past few decades Japan has become one of the most attractive places in Asia to set up a business.

Not only the highly developed free-market economy of Japan attracts international investors and entrepreneurs but also the quality of life is an essential factor making this country a desirable place to plant roots.

Along with social and economic stability, Japan prides itself to be a politically stable country ranked 1.04 points in 2019 (comparing to the world average -0.05 points). If you are looking for a safe future for your business and family, Japan is definitely a place to consider.

With the upcoming Olympic Games, Global Technology Governance Summit,  and the 2022 edition of the largest technology event in the world – Web Summit, the eyes of the world are on Japan right now.

🏝 Okinawa – the heart of East Asia

Considered as an innovation hub, Okinawa attracts tech entrepreneurs offering various advantages of starting a venture on this idyllic island.

The government aims to establish an environment that fully supports the development of business by creating the Special Economic Zone, providing rental factories, developing a Youth Employment Promotion Incentive, offering subsidies up to 25% for land and building expenses and many more.


Ambitious young entrepreneurs willing to establish their startups in this region can benefit from the support offered by accelerator programs aiming to bring innovation to Okinawa.

Are you a tech enthusiast ready to kickstart your startup and looking for funding, resources, training and mentoring?

Take advantage of Innovation Square (I2) Startup Accelerator Program and blossom your business in Okinawa.

Supported by a world-class Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) offering the startups access core research equipment and resources, the connections to research and business network as well as training and mentorship, the accelerator helps build next-generation solutions.

Founded by the Japanese government in 2011, OIST aims to catalyze technology transfer and industrial innovation in Okinawa. This world-class research hub attracts students from all around the world and employs international lecturers with over half of the faculty and students are recruited from outside Japan.

Education and research are conducted entirely in English and on-campus you will feel like home from day one.

Discover why Okinawa is the place where people live the longest, happiest lives

Okinawa is an inexpensive place to live, with the lowest consumer price index in Japan. The island is claimed to be one of the Blue Zones, a place where people live the longest, happiest lives, according to the National Geographic Explorer, Dan Buettner.

Life on the island is safe and comfortable. A globally recognized Japanese public order combined with good medical care as well as low risk of earthquakes with a magnitude of 5 or stronger makes it a secure place.

Okinawa prides itself for its rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, lush nature and a vibrant life what makes it a fascinating environment to live and work.

Visited by 8 million people every year, such a popular tourist destination will bring your project exposure and worldwide recognition. Why not to make it your business destination, to?

So, if starting a business in a place where everyone else goes on vacation sounds like a dream come true, you are in luck:

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology has recently announced an open call for international startups to join it’s Startup Accelerator Program. 2-3 chosen startups will get equity-free funding, coaching and access to corporate partners based in Japan. Deadline is January 31, 11:59pm JST. Don’t miss out and apply today!

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