Deadline: January 31, 2021 11:59pm (JST) Apply NOW
Eligibility: The program welcomes all tech entrepreneurs with innovative technology ranging in Technology Readiness Level of 3-6 are encouraged to apply. All technology fields are welcome except projects requiring pharmaceutical/drug clinical trials (pre-clinical is eligible).
Funding: 15 million JPY (~USD 150k, EUR 120k) + all visa and traveling costs are covered by the organizers
Location: Okinawa, Japan

Are you passionate about innovative technologies that have the potential to make a positive impact on society?

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur lacking resources to set up your venture?

🌸 Join the Innovation Square Startup Accelerator Program and launch your technology venture in an innovative ecosystem

This is your opportunity to join a 9-12 month intense and engaging program at the world-class Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST).

The Accelerator offers you funding, mentoring, and partnerships that will help you launch your technology startup in vibrant Okinawa.

The program developed by OIST’s highly imaginative academic minds aims to support the entrepreneurs from all over the world on their mission to make a positive impact on society.

What do you need to take the next step to grow your venture?

OIST will help you in every step of the way, offering holistic support to expand your presence in Asia, namely by providing:

  • Funding

The selected projects are awarded up to 15 million JPY.  The program doesn’t take any equity.

  • Resources

Take advantage of the educational resources, equipment, state-of-the-art research facilities, lab and office space at the OIST.

  • ‍Mentoring

Each project will be supported by expert industry mentors assigned to help you develop your technology.

  • ‍Professional training

You will have an opportunity to take advantage of the Lean Startup Entrepreneurship Program, Business Planning Courses, Project Management Courses offered by OIST.

  • Professional and administrative services

The program provides corporate legal advice and intellectual property advice as well as program management and IT services.

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Sounds interesting? Wait no longer and partner with OIST to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams!

Innovation Square Incubator: Supporting high-growth startups on the OIST Campus

OIST offers entrepreneurs from around the world their I2 Incubator.

Located in a regional center for innovation in science and technology, it is a perfect place to build next-generation solutions to meet local and global markets.

The 4-hectare area is a zone conceptualized as the future “headquarters” for innovation and entrepreneurship at OIST.

Additional follow-up funding from OIST Venture Fund

Do you have a startup idea belonging to one of the following areas?

  • Quantum Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence/Robotics/Machine Learning
  • Sustainable Living (energy, environment, agriculture/food, water)
  • Health and Well-being (biotech, life sciences)
  • Advanced Materials

Brace yourself as OIST is working to establish a $50M early-stage venture capital fund, aiming to bridge the gap between new science and investment, and investment to product.

In 2022, you will also have an opportunity to take advantage of the fund that prioritizes breakthrough ideas over early profit and pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Come together with established companies and experienced investors to create great things:

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology: Catalyzing startups in Okinawa

The Institute aims to foster an entrepreneurial community where startup companies can interact with and benefit from industry and the academic research community in Okinawa.

This sub-tropical island located in the heart of East Asia gives you easy access to mega-market of 2 billion people residing in the neighboring counties.

In a rapidly growing ecosystem of the Asia-Pacific Region, Okinawa is an innovation hub offering a field for dynamic development, resourceful environment and a corporate network to help you to land your dream customers.

Are you ready to kickstart your venture in progressive Okinawa? Apply now to join the program! If you have more questions, feel free to directly reach the organizers via

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