I think we can all agree that the reputation of Snapchat of 2015 didn’t follow the platform into 2016. Stats like 10 billion daily video views and more daily users than Twitter, it was only a matter of time before brands began to migrate to the app.

Before I begin my tale of Snapchat in my recruitment strategy, I need to share my Snapchat origin story.

While attending a college career fair, I watched as attendees took selfies and video. Many of them making “the vomiting rainbow face” that has become synonymous with Snapchat. My curiosity aroused, I asked a couple of students what they were using and that was my first encounter with the app. As a recruiter, I want to be where my candidates are and communicate the way they communicate. I made the decision to use the app at my next career fair and since then it has become the first app I open every day.

But how am I using Snapchat to build a pipeline of candidates?

Add value

A mistake that recruiters make on ANY social media Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 10.57.37 PMplatform is using it as another job board. We have plenty of those. Instead:

add value to your Snapchat community!

For me, that comes through stories. I create one story a week that shows behind the scenes of employees, career advice or just pure entertainment. Every story encourages viewers to interact in some way to complete the story.

Keep it social

I know it sounds CRAZY, but a fundamental part of social media is the social aspect.
Although creating content is important, it is more valuable to engage with your Snapchat community.

I watch more stories than I produce. I comment and start conversations with those that have added me. Although it has now become impossible to watch every story, I make it a goal to focus on my consistent viewers, influencers or candidates that I have met along the way.

Be you

There is a saying in the business world: ‘People buy from people, not businesses.’The same can be said about recruitment:

People apply to work with people, not business.

It’s important to humanize your employment brand or you as a recruiter. Snapchat encourages authenticity through video and images.Screen shot 2016-05-13 at 12.41.55 PM

Let your viewers get to know who you are outside of recruiting. In my daily snaps, you’ll see my life as a recruiter but also family life or my personal passions. I build trust with my viewers by letting them get to know me.

Snapchat for recruitment is a growing conversation but like with every platform, early adoption is key. Play around with the app, find your voice and most importantly have fun!

What are your thoughts on Snapchat for recruitment? Comment below or better yet … Snap me!

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