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June 20, 2016
6 months
European IoT startups
Cartagena, Spain; Dublin, Ireland; Vilnius, Lithuania and Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Join Startup Europe’s IoT Accelerator and become the next IoT star!

Startup Scaleup’s tailored 6-month accelerator will make sure that their selected IoT startups will have all they need to succeed internationally. The programme is a mix of events and resources both online and at the hubs underpinned by a foundation of unique services, experienced mentors, IoT experts, developers and facilities.

The journey begins with IoT’ers week at your home hub; an intense schedule of activities, and workshops that covers all the basics for scaling your business. This week is also a chance to get to intimately know your fellow teams and them too. They will also take this time to agree some serious KPIs.

IoT’ers Week 2016 Dates:

  • 20th June – 24th June: Vilnius, Lithuania and Zoetermeer, Netherlands
  • 27th June – 1st July: Dublin, Ireland and Madrid, Spain

After this week the accelerator moves online with further workshops as well as “Ask Me Anything” sessions with top startups players. Previous AMAs included Philip Moynagh, Vice President, Internet of Things Group at Intel, Dan Marom, crowdfunding expert and Jerry Yang, investor & founder of Hardware Club.

They believe that the real strength of Startup Scaleup is in their networks: with 6 startup partner organisations in 5 countries, who are all in turn plugged into Europe’s broader startup network.

If you are looking to scale your startup in Europe, StartUp ScaleUp can help you to make the contacts you need to grow quickly.  Startup Scaleup is a no-strings attached programme; no Equity, no Cost. You will get to work with other top IoT startups, startup incubators in Ireland, Spain, Netherlands and Lithuania & leverage their mentor and investor networks. Attend an intensive “IoT’ers” Week in one of our hubs for a face to face beginning to your journey which will continue online. Get direct insights from some of the world’s top players in IoT as well as VCs, legal experts and top entrepreneurs. Corporates such as Intel, PCH International have supported our startups in previous program cycles. You will also get to celebrate the Demo Day at the largest IOT event in Europe – This year it’s Connected Conference in Paris. This project is funded by the European Commission.

StartUp ScaleUp

They have been committed start-up supporters for years. They truly believe that everyone deserves a chance to build a company on from the basic blocks of passion, skills, hard-work and instinct. But we all also know that scaling up an initial idea to a market to build a long-term value- based company is where many entrepreneurs fail.

So when they saw the first opportunity to come together and give their entrepreneurs access to a European market from day 1, they took the chance. Their startups can access physical resources based in Cartagena (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Zoetermeer (The Netherlands). But more importantly, they can access venture capital and specialised mentors throughout Europe.

Their focus is on the Internet of Things. Why?

  • Because the market potential for developing new products and services is huge: in 2020, IoT product and service suppliers are predicted to generate incremental revenue in excess of € 240 billion.
  • Because they have the technological infrastructure that can help entrepreneurs to test their ideas in near market conditions.
  • Because they can provide the technical and business training that is necessary to take the venture to the real world and help it grow.

Over the next 2 years they plan to  support over 120 start-ups achieve second round funding and create a mentor network that can help them access the EU 500 million-strong customer base.

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