Generations tend to have certain characteristics that not only define them but also make them part of history.

Technology and the Millennial generation

Members of the Lost Generation, for example, were resilient in dealing with the aftermath of World War I by defying Prohibition and welcoming the prosperity of the Roaring 20s.

Every generation has gone through unique circumstances that have made them what they are.

Members of Generation X grew up faster than their parents and had less in terms of economic resources, but they also contributed to forging the world wide web.

Now that the world is preparing to have the Millennial Generation on the lead, it is important to understand the unique philosophies that the members of this age group follow.

Information technology and Millennials

By the time Millennials enrolled in elementary school, their classrooms were equipped with Apple Macintosh computers.

These days, Millennials are glued to Apple iPhones that are far more advanced than those early Macs they used to play educational games such as The Oregon Trail room.

As Millennials grew up, the realm of information technology developed along with them.

Young adults have lived through a period of great technological advancement, and this has impacted their brain development and the shaping of their personal philosophies.

Millennials have naturally acquired a skill set that previous generations had to learn.

Learning is a faster and more flexible endeavor for Millennials, and they are more versed in communications due to their affinity for social media.

To this effect, Millennials are not as impacted by the isolation caused by the “latchkey kid” effect seen in Generation X.

With social media, members of the Millennial Generation can avoid isolation by reaching out to their peers.

The Millennial optimism

The resilience of the Millennial Generation has not been thoroughly tested by a major event such as a World War. 

However, the Trump administration in the United States may give Millennials an opportunity to prove themselves as being ready to assume leadership of the world.

Millennials may have been born during an economic crisis, but technology is what keeps them optimistic

Millennials were born into volatile economic periods of boom, bust, recession, and crisis. They are members of a poor generation, but at the same time, they manage to remain optimistic.

Sociologists have explained that this optimism is due to technology. At this time, Millennials enjoy networking with like-minded people all over the world.

They know that technology will never stop advancing, and this gives them lots of hope.

The resourcefulness of Millennials

Older generations who may have their reservations about the capability of Millennials to lead our world should not worry too much.

People in this age group have proven to be extremely resourceful, particularly with regard to technology.

One example of Millennial resourcefulness is the very small aperture terminal (VSAT) system, which is bringing broadband internet connections to some of the most remote parts of the world.

Millennials are a very resourceful generation, specially towards technology

Satellite internet service remains the best “last mile” solution to reach rural areas, and the VSAT system is now in the hands of Millennials who believe that internet access is as important as a human right.

It is interesting to note that Millennials are not as ambitious as members of previous generations. If anything, they seem to be more generous and altruistic.

Their willing to deploy VSAT systems around the world to ensure everyone can access the internet is admirable.

Particularly when considering that many of these VSAT projects are being funded through donations.

A matter of principles

Millennials are more generours and altruistic than other generations

For all their idealism, Millennials are not highly individualistic.

By virtue of having been raised on social media, they believe in the principle of strength in numbers. 

Millennials can quickly organize and rally around a cause. After all, they invented the concept of crowdfunding in lieu of capital investments.

In the end, members of the Millennial Generation think radically different comparing to previous generations.

Their thoughts, which are ruled by technology and hope, will lead us through the rest of the 21st century.

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