A job interview is an integral part of your career.

Everyone who wants to start a job needs to live through this experience.

Yet, it feels differently for everybody.

You are asked to think about the things to say, how to react, what to wear, how to speak, whether you’re good for this position, who is going to be my interviewer etc. This is natural, the more interviews you have, the more skilled you become.

There are plenty of articles on the Web that talks about the job interviews, but most of them are not.

It is good to seek for an opinion, but you need to know that this kind of opinion is different for everybody. Most of what I have heard is, that you need to give them good answers and that you have to be completely ready for face to face, or you will not seceded.

Normally you would stumble upon such tips as be punctual, well dressed, concentrate and hit them with your best shot; show them how much you know, tell them that their firm is great, that they are very successful in their branch; admire them and show how communicative and friendly you are, and you are able to work under pressure.; give your best so you can prove how much you want that place.

This is how a job interview should be like, but normally it is not.

In my experience, most of them were asking me questions about my personality, where I am from, my home town. Nobody has ever asked me what I know or what I have learned at university, my work experience, or about my language skills and hobbies.

Why am I putting my hobbies or every other skill in my biography when nobody cares about them?

Apparently if an interviewer loves his job or has a good day, he will ask you about everything, so a whole profile can be gained for you to be told whether you will get that vacancy or not. And if the interrogator does not love his job, well you will not be properly interviewed.

Sometimes job interviews are about connections and luck, and rarely for the real ones which are skills and experience.

Having a job through connections is very easy and you always think that you are the lucky one and that, if you cannot find a job through a normal interview than you deserve this one because you have tried so hard.

With this kind of jobs you will have to give something in return. Stay away from these opportunities because as a woman you sometimes might be asked to give away more.

Ultimately, your character is what represents your skills. Always use them because they are YOU.

You do not need to prepare your whole day or a week for what to say or how to explain your working practice. You just need to use your skills and represent yourself with them. The way to your dream job is through your experience: the more you have it, the more they will want you.

But sometimes it is not like that.

When I did not have any experience, nobody wanted to hire me. Nowadays I do have practical experience yet at the interview I am being told that is not enough. They will look for a skill that you do not have even though you possess all other qualifications.

In any case, this is not the job you want to have.

Sometimes it is better to go through the bad experiences so you would know what you don’t want. Live by this principle if you believe you are going through bad times. Eventually, Lady Luck would reward you for your persistence.

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