Much can be said, and has been said, about the ways in which social media tools can enhance a company’s marketing and outreach.

According to an old saying, though, the best form of marketing is a strong customer service; provide your first-time buyer with a winsome experience and you’ve converted him or her into a lifelong client.

And as it happens, social media can help with that, too. All that is required for business owners is to shift their paradigm, viewing social media not only as a branding tool but as an avenue for interacting with customers and addressing whatever needs they might have.

Facebook’s private messaging tool—embedded into the Facebook desktop client but also available as a stand-alone app—is especially useful, if frequently overlooked. Don’t sleep on this important means for customer communication.

Facebook Messenger, when used right, can be an important channel for building customer loyalty.

Damage control

It is becoming more and more common for consumers to leave comments and reviews on company Facebook pages—and those comments and reviews are not always positive.

A negative comment, when left unaddressed, can become a source of real resentment, and may beget further nasty comments. At the same time, you may not wish to address consumer complaints in so public a forum.

Facebook Messenger provides a way to deescalate—to offer swift and discreet customer service. You can send a private message to anyone who leaves a complaint and ask them how you can make their experience better; you can even invite them to call you directly to try to work out a resolution.

And you can do it all away from the watchful eye of the public.

Prompt response

You can also use Facebook Messenger to interact one-on-one with customers who submit questions about your brand, your products, or your services. Messenger is a uniquely nimble tool, a great way to offer a quick and attentive answer to whatever questions you are asked.

It shows customers that you care, and it helps get their queries addressed while they’re still in a “buying” frame of mind—that is before they move on to something else!

And that’s really what Facebook Messenger provides: a quick and direct way to serve your clients in an online setting. Try using it—and for more digital marketing tips, check out the courses we offer at ACES.

Have you ever tried Facebook Messanger to communicate with your clients? Do you find this tool useful in marketing?

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