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Eligibility: Youth leaders and professionals, ages between 16-28+
Dates: February 17-18, 2016
Location: New York, USA

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations (YA@UN) is a one of a kind platform dedicated to fostering dialogue and generating partnerships between exceptional youth and the UN high officials & staff, the private sector and the civil society.

Join this 2016 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations, where young leaders and committed young professionals, UN high officials and staff, private sector, and civil society gather to discuss the importance of youth in the process of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Youth Assembly is a two-day intensive winter program featuring guest speakers, workshops, seminars and global intergenerational exchange of ideas.  The Youth Assembly at the United Nations is an opportunity to help young people get involved with the United Nations’ goals at a time of forthcoming reform and change. During the Youth Assembly, you will have the chance to meet members of the Secretariat (staff), Missions (Nation states), and NGOs affiliated with the United Nations. You can hear from UN Agencies, such as UNICEF, UNESCO and many more. The Youth Assembly focuses on talented young people involved in humanitarian causes around the world taking action for what they believe in.

Winter Youth Assembly 2015

Youth Assembly at the United Nations’ goals are to provide access and information about the work, successes and current challenges of the United Nations; to increase youth participation in UN programs, agencies and NGO affiliates; to strengthen the role of youth in implementation of the sustainable development goals; to connect committed young people with valuable opportunities, inspiring mentors, colleagues, and new associates a well as to detect  the efforts of young people who are already involved in development and humanitarian initiatives.

By attending to this event you will benefit by learning more about the United Nations; getting involved in the success of the UN’s Agenda for Development; you will get the opportunity to hear inspiring speakers and leaders; you will get the chance to share your opinions on the urgent issues of today, help make an impact throughout the world and meet other exceptional young people as yourself from all over the globe.

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