There are lots of books that you can read about wealth which are helpful in shaping a millionaire mindset. Why? Because wealth gives you ultimate freedom to pursue any interest or passion without having any financial constraints. There is a common thought that  Andrew Fiebert expressed really well in his article: being wealthy is a choice. And like any choice, it comes at a price. Are you willing to pay it?

It is a tough question to answer, and it requires some mental preparedness. So here are five books that helped me get started in shaping the right mindset to move closer to my dreams and change my outlook on wealth. Here are some of them:

Robin Sharma – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Its full title is “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny”, and this is probably the very first book that I read about setting a positive attitude and making things work. The questions that the character posed – Julian Mantle, an extremely successful lawyer who resolved his spiritual crisis and who eventually created a life of passion, purpose and peace – helped me putting my own thoughts in order. Robin Sharma is a great motivational speaker and writer, and I would encourage you to read his other books and follow his online lectures.

Adam Jackson – The Ten Secrets of Abundant Wealth

I look at this book as a wealth-building manual that you can refer to any time when you feel you got stuck. Aside from this, the author shares those ten fundamental principles with stories that will resonate with everyone. I did with me long time ago, and up till now I keep a hard-copy book that I am looking up from time to time.

Tim Ferris – The 4-Hours Workweek

In my case, this was a book that plenty of people suggested me to read, but I could never make time for it. But once I’ve done this, I regretted that I didn’t read it earlier. Tim Ferris, who is an author, entrepreneur, investor and public speaker, shares his view on the modern entrepreneurship and work/life balance. For example, some of his tips include on how to build an online business that perhaps will make you $40-50K a month – so you will not become a millionaire over night – but you will have the freedom to travel, do things you always wanted while running your digital business regardless of your geographic location. There are more entrepreneurial and lifestyle ideas he shares in his books and webinars, but it is a worthwhile read for anyone who is into starting a digital business.

Napoleon Hill – Think And Grow Rich

If you asked me to name a book that I think is a Bible among the self-developing books, I would name this. It is a relative old read, it was written basically in mid-30’s in the previous century, but the principles described in the book have been time-proven. How? This book is a summary of decades-long studies of highly successful people, which are expressed in 13 principles throughout the book, which are accompanied with relevant examples. In my opinion, this is a must-read for all aspiring entrepreneurs as it describes all the necessary traits of a successful person (not necessarily a business person) in one book.

James Altucher – Choose Yourself!

This is probably one of the latest books I have read but currently this is the one that resonated with me once I have deep-dived into new projects. I actually have heard about this author by accident after stumbling upon a radio series on iTunes of an amazing online entrepreneur Lewis Howes (another person I encourage you to learn more about). James Altucher not only describes that the economic paradigm is shifting, he preaches that right now is the best time to become an entrepreneur, especially in a digital area. He also looked at the macroeconomic factors which showed that mean salaries (in the US in particular) are losing their real value rapidly and it makes very little sense now to hope for a stable career growth within a company. The time is now – that’s the bottom line of the book.

The floor is yours…

Have you read these books before and how did they shape your understanding? Which books would you recommend us and other aspiring and current entrepreneurs to have a look at? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment section below!


  1. First of all thanks for recommending these books. I know some of them and for some others you intrigued me to read them.

    My top is the book “How” of Dov Seidman. The subtitle is “Why How we do Anything means Everything”. It is an insightful, funny and timely book on the dynamics in our transparant and connected global economy. It is about ‘outbehaving your competitors’. A perspective that can be applied in any setting, both business wise as in your personal life.

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