If you’ve never previously followed finance websites, it’s a great idea to start. Here’s why.

Why are finance websites useful?

Not everyone has a background in finance and not everyone can afford a financial adviser.

Luckily for all of us, we live in the era of the Internet. For that reason, we have compiled a list with the best finance websites where you can learn all about the finance world: from the available finance careers and terminology to developing your personal investment strategies.

Whether you have just started to learn, or you are already an expert in the world of finance, business and investments, these resources will help you stay on top of the game:

The 15 best finance websites

15. The Motley Fool is a great resource for investors to stay informed. It will provide you with the leading insight and analysis about the stock market.

14. The Economist offers authoritative insight on international mix of news, such as politics, business, finance, science and technology.

13. MarketWatch is a leading innovator in business news, personal finance information, real-time commentary and investment tools and data, with dedicated journalists generating hundreds of headlines, stories, videos and market briefs a day from 10 bureaus in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

12. Financial Times is one of the world’s leading finance news websites, globally recognized for its authority. The Financial Times features a wide variety of content including finance news, data and analysis, market research and more.

11. CNNMoney is a great finance website, which will help you learn how the news affects your finances.

10. CNBC is a recognized world leader in international business news coverage, offering its international audience business information and real-time financial market coverage.

9. MoneyMorning is a website that helps you get the financial freedom in the new global economy, sharing invaluable information with you to enjoy financial independence.

8. The Street offers actionable ideas from the world of finance, investing, and business, helping all individuals and organizations to grow their wealth.

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7. This Is Money will provide you with the latest financial trends, personal finance advice, and news.

6. Kiplinger is one of the top investing insights providers. The website features a wide range of topics from the world of finance.

5. Investing offers free real-time quotes, streaming charts, financial news, portfolio, live stock market data and much more.

4. Wall Street Journal is one of the world most famous magazine, providing its wide audience with the latest business, financial and stock news.

3. Forbes is the home page of the world’s business leaders, featuring original articles on finance, personal finance, investing, stock market, leadership, and marketing topics. Forbes also reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, and law.

2. Reuters – the media division of Thomson Reuters is the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, providing its audience with the top world investing, business, stock market, technology, small business and personal finance news.

1. Bloomberg Businessweek, previously known as Businessweek, is a globally recognized magazine that provides information and interpretation of what is happening in the world of business.

Bonus: Top financial news aggregator websites

If you just want follow the latest financial data and stock markets, here’s a great list of tools to start with:

💡 Pro tip: If you are new to the world of investments, we would recommend using Investopedia as a one-stop shop for everything there is in the finance world. Investopedia’s dictionary is great for finding easy-to-understand definitions of financial terms and concepts.

It also provides tutorials on everything from calculating income taxes and reading cash flow statements to calculating the market Beta and designing investment strategies. The site even features study guides for nationally administered finance exams.

Which of these websites have you already been following? How do you find them? Let us know in the comment section below or leave us a Tweet @AlphaGammaHQ.

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  1. MarketWatch definitely is my favourite. And as an extra tip, maybe it’s not for everyone but I like a lot. Very useful to get up to speed quickly

    • Great tip, Peter, thanks for sharing! 🙂 My personal favourite is Yahoo Finance. I especially love its stock screeners after Yahoo introduced a recent update to the user interface.

  2. I was searching for some financial websites, but I was confused about which website is reliable. From your article, I could found those websites easily. It was very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. I was actually searching for some finance-related websites to follow. And the list you have mentioned in the article is very trustworthy. I have already followed some of these websites to manage my finances and to stay updated about new ways. CNNMoney is the site that I scroll on regular basis. Thank you

  4. I was finding some finance websites to subscribe but i didn’t get reliable site but here In this article u have mention best and genuine financial sites to follow, I really loved it and appreciate.
    Thank you for sharing it

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