Lately I have stumbled upon a really interesting series called “Hedge Fund Lions’ Den”, which style reminds of Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, but this one is much more different. Hopeful entrepreneurs, who are willing to establish their own hedge funds, need to convince investors to put money into their investment strategies. The winning team gets away with a $75M investment. Not bad, huh?

But it is a tough challenge as founders of hedge funds have to convince experienced investors that they have a competitive edge over the market which they can sustain. A 2 – minute presentation is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session, which results into heated discussion and intense negotiation, while as an observer you learn what it takes to become a successful hedge fund entrepreneur.

This week Hedge Fund Review in partnership with Eurex Group is releasing the second season of the show, so if you are interested to work for a hedge fund or willing to start one yourself, you will not remain indifferent!


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