Every entrepreneur must understand the difference between working in their business and working on their business. Leading people and organisations is therefore crucial. In a fast-changing world, which is filled up with new challenges and complex problems, one needs to develop new skills and practices, and adopt new ways of working.

The old style of command-and-control leadership has lost its efficiency in today’s dynamic world. Thus, the participatory leadership is becoming more popular as more leaders recognize its capacity of changing groups and organisations through empowering people, recognizing talent, activating collective potential and intelligence in teams, and motivating people to achieve more. Leaders of today need to understand new models of leadership in order to build strong and enduring organisations.

The Summer School on Facilitation and Participatory Leadership in Alpbach aims at providing participants with a better understanding of what participatory methods are and how to apply them in organisations. Moreover, by acting as co-facilitators during the forum 2015, participants will also get the opportunity to apply the knowledge and gain useful experience.

This training is built on the “Art of Hosting” concept and it has an effective and dynamic methodology of teaching participants about manners of tackling complex problems and challenges at all levels. The training will aim at providing participants with information on:

  • How leaders can host conversations in the most effective way;
  • How to collaborate efficiently in order to respond and solve complex systems and problems;
  • What tools can be used to invite people to participate and contribute for a common goal;
  • How to foster change and leverage outcomes through participatory methods.

The programme will take place from the 19th until the 22nd of August 2015 in the beautiful Austrian village of Alpbach. The school is open for 60 participants and the application deadline is the 17th of April. The cost of the programme is EUR 1000 (full price charged for Companies, Public Administrations etc) or EUR 700 (reduced price applicable for Registered Charities and Social Businesses).

Opportunity summary 

Alpbach Summer School on Facilitation and Participatory Leadership
Application deadline: April 17, 2015
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Dates: August 19-22, 2015
Venue: Alpbach, Austria
Fee: EUR 1000 (full price) or 700 (reduced price)


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