Deadline: March 20, 2018 00:00 CET
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Eligibility: entrants must be at least 18 years of age or older. Entries will be separated into two categories and judged individually. Students: product concepts from students who are still studying or (for recent graduates) which were created during the time of study and; Young Talents: product concepts from young designers who have graduated within the last 5 years
Prizes: 75,000,- USD total prize money for the 2018 winners

BraunPrize 2018

The BraunPrize 2018 challenges creative minds to envision design concepts that matter.

Our world is becoming increasingly complex – our focus should be on what is essential, on creating truly better solutions and experiences.

Design for what matters

By taking on global problems or simply improving the quality of individual lives, BraunPrize aims to encourage innovation that can be virtual or physical, scientific or technical, or that changes our behavior for the better.

Awards will go to exceptional ideas and product design concepts – two or three dimensional, including interactive – that offer progress and improvement, that are significant, substantial, and meaningful: design for what matters.

The BraunPrize competition invites design schools, Students and Young Talents to enter innovative product ideas and concepts that really matter

The product concepts submitted should represent innovations in design, technology, sustainability and user experiences. The conceptual designs should be developed with user needs in mind.

Concepts can address global problems or find simple, ingenious solutions for daily routines. Participants are free to choose any subject for their product concept as long as the ideas are significant, substantial, meaningful and connect to the theme: design for what matters.

The BraunPrize has always been entirely independent of the Braun product range and is not restricted to products from the consumer goods sector.

BraunPrize event

The Design Forum is part of the BraunPrize event and concludes with the announcement of all winners.

Following the award ceremony, everyone interested in the BraunPrize competition and its outcome is invited to visit the online exhibition.

The jury assesses all product concepts using the following criteria

  • Idea: how the concept embodies the 2018 theme:
    “Design for what matters”
  • Design: the combination of innovation, usability, ergonomics, aesthetics and user experience
  • Technology: the use of innovative technology to improve product functionality
  • Sustainability: the environmental compatibility of the product concept


The total prize money for both categories is $75,000 USD. In addition to the cash prizes, all award winners will receive a trophy and a certificate.

The best entries will also be presented in the BraunPrize exhibition and made public in the international press and online.

  • 2x $15,000 USD Gold Award Student and Young Talent
  • 2x $10,000 USD Silver Award Student and Young Talent
  • 2x $5,000 USD Bronze Award Student and Young Talent
  • 2x $5,000 USD Sustainability Award Student and Young Talent
  • $5,000 USD Special mentions (distribution at the discretion of the jury)
  • Internship: Chance of an internship at the Braun Design department.

To celebrate two anniversaries of the BraunPrize in 2018 – the twentieth award and fifty years of the competition – Braun will offer, in addition to the cash prizes, entrants in the Students category the chance of an internship at the Braun Design department.

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