Applications will be accepted starting on January 1, 2017

CodeLaunch Competition 2017

CodeLaunch is an annual seed accelerator for people and groups with ideas for “Apps” who are seeking seed funding. The CodeLaunch Pitch Day is the culmination of the competition and a showcasing of the best competitors. If you have an “idea for an app” and nothing more you are qualified to apply. If you have experience in business and passion for entrepreneurship you are likely to advance.

CodeLaunch will continue to grow each year and has become an event with widespread interest from the start-up community including Angel Investors, Venture Capital, and other entrepreneurial organizations and leaders.

The Selection Process

After the application deadline, the team of software architects and business analysts reviews all of the applications. At this stage, we are determining basic viability and whether our technical skillset can accommodate. Evaluating the business acumen and background of the applicant is also part of the process.

Once we make the first cut, we will then take a deeper look at each of the remaining applications and score them on five to six categories on a 1-to-5 scale. That ranking is taken from top to bottom and identifies the competitors [and alternates] that the judges want to meet face-to-face.

Once identified, you will be brought to give your best-timed pitch and to undergo a Q&A session. The pitch time limit will be 8 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A. Based on the impression of your pitch and other factors, then will be announced those invited to have “pitch” at the CodeLaunch event in late summer.

Igniting startups

This competition is a venue for embryonic stage start-ups to get their idea launched. Anyone from individuals with nothing more than a great idea to sophisticated groups who already have a prototype, designs, business plans, and prior investors. Each of these and everyone in between are encouraged to apply.


Mobile apps, line-of-business software, SAAS concepts, applications for emerging devices…

Although Code Authority is seeking to find intriguing investments, they also want to help those who only advance partially through the process as well as those in whom they choose not to invest in. In short, Code Authority wants to help participants improve their chances to find seed funding.

Why CodeLaunch?

You have a great start-up idea but need a great technical team and lack funding. CodeLaunch Pitch Day is attended by angels, entrepreneurial minded software developers, and members of the start-up community who are capable of seeding finalists with capital or via services-in-kind.

Immediately after the event, the “deal making reception” allows the competitors to meet and greet these people. Competitors who advance will receive benefits at every stage of advancement. Such accolades may help competitors by recognizing their achievements in the CodeLaunch process.

Each application includes an NDA with Code Authority. Competitors are not required to reveal their “secret sauce” during their pitch upon reaching the finals. The ceremonial judges will collectively assign awards after the finalist pitches. Award winners will receive awards and digital collateral which add legitimacy to their start-up resume and can open new avenues for funding.

  • BEST PITCH PRESENTATION: Awarded regardless of other variables or attributes, strictly on the polish and communication effectiveness
  • MOST FINANCIAL POTENTIAL: Awarded to the idea which seems to have the most money to gain in a best case outcome scenario
  • MOST CREATIVE IDEA: Awarded to the concept with the most intriguing creativity and inventiveness

Overall Winner

Although Code Authority wants to find start-ups with the business acumen and experience to take our contribution and make it a success, business acumen is not required. The more experience you have in the subject matter the more likely your concept will advance. People with no acumen and very interesting new ideas have advanced to the finals in the past so do not be discouraged from applying.

Code Authority will choose one or more competitors who are designated as “Overall Winners” at the Pitch Day Event. These individuals will be offered a specific package of benefits and a customized partnership with Code Authority.

This partnership will include a collection of services in exchange for a minority stake in the start-up. If an agreement is reached between the parties, these winners will benefit from a significant amount of free custom software design, development, and/or website development and hosting services. We hope to choose winners for whom these services will be enough to “launch” the start-up. Code Authority will become a long-term partner and investor in these start-ups.

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