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Location: London, The United Kingdom

Efma Distribution Summit 2017

Leveraging distribution assets and technology in financial services

In a dynamic industry such as financial services, it is vital that banks and insurance organisations ensure they are aware of where the industry is headed next. Naturally, distribution plays a key role in the industry’s future, customer experience and business.

Efma’s Distribution Summit has been established as a leading global conference, attended by more than 300 top executives from banks and insurance companies from approximately 45 countries around the world.

Industry insight will be provided by established and emerging players in the market, as well as academic researchers and top executives from the leading banks and insurance companies in the world.


Key topics will be prospective business models and technological impact on distribution in financial services and customer related matters, discussed in 2 parallel streams, which allow delegates to enjoy a wider range of choices:

  • Distribution: digital channels, branches & ATMs, mobile banking, Open Banking, new distribution models, customer contact centres, etc.
  • Customer: customer experience, customer loyalty, big data, digital marketing, etc.

The conference also offers attendees the chance to discover how best to leverage technology and distribution assets in order to move ahead of the competition, acquire customers and harness data and customer relationship management.

Further key topics at the summit include:

  • New distribution paradigms and the customer experience. This includes omnichannel, real-time, contextual and predictive interaction with customers, as well as the use of new channels, such as text messaging, instant messaging, social media, and television. Gamification, infotainment, new branch hubs and customer engagement hubs will also be discussed.
  • New distribution models to generate revenue. This topic covers B2B2C –including life insurance and customer loans – special deals, market places, open banking, aggregation, mash up and crowdfunding.
  • The impact of new technology on distribution. This topic covers optimising processes, paperless activity, big data, semantic search, biometrics, blockchain, voice recognition and artificial intelligence.

Key questions:

  • How are banks adapting to meet the needs of customers through their distribution channels?
  • What role is new technology playing in this shift?
  • How to transform weaknesses into strengths by optimizing or reinventing the distribution models and leveraging existing assets and channels for business?
  • What does the future of distribution look like?

Efma has partnered with experts within the industry to conduct reports and studies centered on the key trends affecting banking institutions, successful video customer engagement strategies, AI and much more.

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