Deadline: January 29, 2023 00:00 CET
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Eligibility: startups at any stage of development
Location: San Francisco, CA, the United States

EIPBN Startup Contest 2023

The EIPBN Startup Contest is designed to support entrepreneurs, students, research staff, and faculty transition early-stage technologies into scalable ventures.

The contest is the most visible way to present an innovation related to our founding topics of electron, ion, and photon beam technology and micro-/nano-fabricated devices enabled by these patterning or novel nanomanufacturing techniques.

Share your technological innovation, no matter how early the stage

EIPBN Startup Contest is ideal for any venture developing a technology related to any of the topics in the technical scope. The contest encourages participation from all ventures incorporating new technical findings from any of EIPBN’s fields of scientific interest.

Entry is open to startups at any stage of development – from early ideation to technology validation and growth. This contest aims to support the transition of technology and ideas from the lab into a scalable venture.

Whether developing a business case, growing an advisory board, or expanding a pertinent network, EIPBN 2023 is the ideal venue to discuss growing your venture with seasoned scientists and engineers from academia, government and industry.

Interested in applying for the EIPBN Startup Contest 2023? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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