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Energy and Sustainability Conference 2017

Energy and Sustainability 2017 is the 7th International Conference in a very successful series which started in the New Forest, UK, home of the Wessex Institute in 2007; followed by meetings in Bologna (2009); Alicante (2011); Budapest (2013); Kuala Lumpur (2014); and Medellin, Colombia (2015).

The world’s economy is fueled by energy. Depletion of resources and severe environmental effects resulting from the continuous use of fossil fuels has motivated an increasing amount of interest in renewable energy resources and the search for sustainable energy policies.

The changes required to progress from an economy mainly focused on hydrocarbons to one taking advantage of sustainable energy resources require considerable scientific research, as well as the development of new engineering systems.

Energy policies and management are of primary importance to achieve the development of sustainability and need to be consistent with recent advances in energy production and distribution.

In many cases, the challenges lie as much in the conversion from renewable energies (wind, solar etc) to useful forms (electricity, heat, fuel) at an acceptable cost (including damage to the environment) as in the integration of these resources into an existing infrastructure.

The diverse topics covered by the Conference involve collaboration between different disciplines in order to arrive at optimum solutions, including studies of materials, energy networks, new energy resources, storage solutions, waste to energy systems, smart grids and many others.

Conference Topics

The following list covers some of the topics to be presented at Energy and Sustainability 2017. Papers on other subjects related to the objectives of the conference are also welcome.

  • Energy policies
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Sustainable energy production
  • Environmental risk management
  • Green buildings
  • Energy storage
  • Energy management
  • Biomass and biofuels
  • Waste to energy
  • Processing of oil and gas
  • CO2 capturing and management
  • Pipelines
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart grids
  • Energy
  • Energy and transport
  • Case studies

Benefits of Attending

  • Publication of Papers: Papers presented at Energy and Sustainability 2017 are to be published by WIT press in a Volume of WIT Transactions. Selected papers will appear in a special Issue of the International Journal of Energy Production and Management (ISSN:2056-3272; Digital ISSN:2056-3280).
  • Reviews: To ensure the quality of our publications, abstracts and papers are peer reviewed by members of the International Scientific Advisory Committee and other experts, with manuscripts processed through CrossRef Similarity Check.
  • Open Access: WIT Press is an advocate of Open Access which offers maximum dissemination of your work. WIT Transactions and Journal papers can be downloaded for free.
  • Indexing and Archiving: Papers presented at Wessex Institute conferences are referenced by CrossRef and have appeared in notable reviews and databases. Papers are submitted to various indexing services such as Thomson Reuters Web of Science, Google Scholar*, Scopus and ProQuest. All conference books are listed in the British Library and American Library of Congress.
  • Conference Proceedings: Delegates will receive a copy of the papers presented at the Conference on a USB Flash drive. The USB will, in addition, contain papers from previous conferences in this series. Following the Conference, authors will receive an electronic copy of the publication in which their paper has been published.
  • Digital Archive: All conference papers are archived online in the WIT eLibrary where they are easily and permanently available to the international scientific community.
  • Networking: Participants can present their research and interact with experts from around the world, becoming part of a unique community.

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