Dates: January 14-15, 2020| Register here
Prices: starting from USD 1,906,-
Location: Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates

Future Sustainability Summit 2020

As the anchor event of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, the Future Sustainability Summit sets the stage for engaging, thought-provoking discussions on the global sustainability agenda and how advances in artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) can accelerate sustainable development.

2020 Theme: Rethinking Global Consumption, Production and Investment

  • New Centres of Gravity

With shifting global demographics and the rise of high growth economies, how will leaders across sectors look for new approaches and leadership models to meet the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals and to address climate change?

  • New Production Models

As innovation is increasingly emerging not only from traditional hubs like the US and Europe but from Africa and Asia, how is this changing how we produce, trade and develop new technologies in an increasingly global world?

  • New Consumption Models

In a world where resources are limited, and current consumption levels are leading down an unsustainable path, how do we reconnect people to the impacts of their consumption and encourage new behaviors?

  • New Investment Models

With public and private sectors, donor agencies and philanthropists having to rethink their funding models, how do we ensure that new investment opportunities are arising to solve sustainability challenges?

Why you should attend

The Summit brings together senior policymakers, CEOs and senior executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and innovators to examine their respective roles in a sustainable future.

Delegates and guest speakers will share their real-world experiences of how partnering with different industries is leading to the delivery and implementation of innovative solutions that are driving human progress.

Attending the Summit gives you a unique opportunity to network directly with the key market players who are redefining the way we do business, create policies and develop communities.

The programme’s interactive format and breakout sessions are thoughtfully planned to facilitate collaboration between delegates. The immersive two-day Summit will help you stay up to date with the latest global trends driving sustainability, specifically those affecting your industry.

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