Deadline: December 1, 2020 00:00 CET| Apply here
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Dates: February 1 - July 31, 2021
Eligibility: You did not yet benefit from a Berlin Startup Scholarship; Your main place of residence is Berlin already or you plan to move to Berlin; You plan to install your company headquarters in Berlin or did it already; The date of your business registration is not more than 3 months before your application to this program; You did only receive investments like prize money or business angel money before the proposed start-up scholarship; You do not receive other grants or remuneration from other private and public subsidies; Your founding team possesses the majority of the company shares and you plan to commit to the scholarship program as full-time employment.

Imagine2030 Mobility Accelerator 2021

Imagine the world in 2030 and your startup has played an essential role in achieving the United Nations global goals for social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The Imagine2030 Mobility Accelerator will get you there!

The accelerator aims to support you to execute your idea and enable a system change for sustainable mobility.

The challenge

The world is becoming increasingly urbanized. In 2030 more than 60% of the world population will live in cities. Cities that account for 70% of global carbon emissions and over 60% of resource use.

A majority of carbon emissions are affected by urban mobility, which also causes noise and congestion in our urban lives.

This calls for a substantial change and the program supports your change-making solution for sustainable mobility.

Reinvent mobility

Develop solutions to drive a system change for sustainable mobility. ​Create technologies to increase efficiency, transportation infrastructure and traffic management, and renewable fuels.

​Drive innovation for alternative technologies or make an impact with one of all the other groundbreaking ideas!

Become a zebra

Visionary founders will be supported to build a zebra company that is for-profit and for a cause.

Be a part of an emerging mobility network in Berlin and lead us to a sustainable future in 2030.

The program will help you to solve a social problem and become part of an emerging mobility network in Berlin

5 to 6 start-ups each will benefit not only from the financial support of up to €48,000 per team but also from the mobility and industry expertise, strong business building skills of the Sharkbite and MotionLab.Berlin team as well as access to a high-end machine park and coworking space.

  • Financial support
    During the program, each founder of a team consisting of 2-4 members will receive a grant of up €2,000 a month. This will provide the team with the stability they need to focus on developing their startup!
  • Hardware innovation hub & maker space
    At MotionLab.Berlin you will have exclusive access to the Imagine2030 Maker Garage. This is your gateway to an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem positioned around hardware products. There you can build your own hardware with the expert help and access to a machine park that ranges from high-tech labs to 3D printing and metal workshops.
  • Business building program
    In addition to realizing your hardware component, the program includes business know-how in the form of monthly bootcamps as well as weekly mentoring sessions and coachings by experienced founders. You get access to an exclusive network of corporates and startups provided by Sharkbite & MotionLab.Berlin.
  • Zebra community
    Opportunity to build ecosystems around your startup with access to great partners and community builders. Monthly meetups to nurture this development for founders, hosted at MotionLab.Berlin. 1-Meetup (dazzle of zebras) each month to build a strong mobility specific network.

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