Deadline: May 1, 2021 00:00 CEST
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Eligibility: Any for-profit company under 5 years old, registered in the continent Europe, that has social and/or ecological impact that fits into one of the 12 categories

The Impact Shakers Awards 2021

“The impact Shakers” startup awards celebrate that which is good and helps to build a better world. It uses the doughnut economic model as a framework for the awards and focuses on the 12 domains in the social foundation as 12 awards.

Impact businesses create ripples that change millions of lives.

It is time to celebrate those who make it their mission to empower as many people as possible to contribute to and share in the benefits of, sustainable economic growth.

This first edition is focused on Europe, but new regions will follow soon!

12 awards, inspired by the 12 domains in the social foundation of the doughnut.

  1. Energy
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Health
  5. Education
  6. Income & Work
  7. Peace & Justice
  8. Political Voice
  9. Social Equity
  10. Gender Equality
  11. Housing
  12. Networks

What is the Doughnut?

A compass for human prosperity in the 21st century.

It consists of two concentric rings.

A social foundation – to ensure that no one is left falling short on life’s essentials, and an ecological ceiling – to ensure that humanity does not collectively overshoot planetary boundaries.

Between these two boundaries lies a doughnut-shaped space that is both ecologically safe and socially just – a space in which humanity can thrive.

There is no better framework to base the awards on!

The goal is to start tracking companies within the doughnut and share insights.

The Prizes

The winners in each category will get to participate in an intensive bootcamp to help them ‘Raise Alternative Funding’.

​The bootcamp will offer unique networking opportunities for the first winners of the Impact Shakers Awards. They will get to interact with the top founders in their region and learn from experts as well as peers.

​As the awards expand across the globe, the alumni network will become an empowered group of impact entrepreneurs lifting each other.

​More prizes to be confirmed!

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