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Eligibility: Participants of all countries are eligible, as long as they are of legal age
Prizes: A total prize of EUR 500,-

International Photography Contest 2018

The international photography contest “Show the Change: Impacts and Solutions to Climate Change” is seeking to create a visual X-ray of the problems and opportunities of climate change in the urban setting.

The contest aims to help understand and transform the imagined and real problems and opportunities of climate change through a photography contest.

Show the Change: Impacts and Solutions to Climate Change

Our planet allows us to breathe, to enjoy life, and to experience unforgettable moments.

To live in harmony with nature and to think about the future is to respect what we have been given here on Earth. We believe that visualizing the problem of climate change and its solutions are key to mitigating it.

The contest is open to professional and amateur photographers, who through their creativity seek to highlight the problems in cities and possible solutions for mitigating climate change.

Categories and Themes of the Contest

The contest seeks to sensitize the public to the consequences and possible solutions to climate change in cities through photography.

The participant must choose between the two categories:

  1. Urban impacts to climate change
  2. Urban solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change


A total prize of 500 euros with the following distribution:

  • 200 euros: winner in the category Problems and Impact (chosen by the jury)
  • 200 euros: winner in the category Solutions (chosen by the jury)
  • 100 euros: winner with most likes on the Low Carbon City page on Facebook (public voting)


The 12 (twelve) photographies chosen will be displayed in the following locations:

  • Pre-forum in Pavillon de l’Eau  in París on 8 September.
  • Low Carbon City World Forum on 21-23 September (Location: Paris 4th Arrondissement Town Hall)

General Participation Conditions

  • Participants of all countries, residents of France or foreigners are eligible, as long as they are of legal age
  • The photographer must ensure that any and all presented are their own originals
  • A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 photos (in digital format) for each participant is accepted
  • Each photo must have a title and description of a maximum of 600 characters in English or Spanish

Interested in applying for the International Photography Contest 2018? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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