Deadline: August 10, 2018 00:00 (CEST)| Apply here
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Dates: September 2-13, 2018
Eligibility: The programme has been created for young people. It may be at the point of a career change, or after graduating or during the study. Sustainability School is for all those interested in self-discovery, adventure and network development.
Application fee: USD 800,- (limited scholarships are available based on ability and commitment to impact upon returning from the trip)
Location: Kenya
Official website

International Sustainability School 2018

Ever envisioned experiencing Kenya’s breathtaking beauty and wildlife, living with a local community, learning from experts, meeting change makers while being accompanied by like-minded friends from different countries? All this happens at Sustainability School.

Why apply?

The 10-day program is designed to create an environment which inspires ideas, provides an opportunity to build and network as well as to see, feel and know more about sustainability.

Sustainability Fellows will get an extraordinary experience: spending time in nature; the opportunity to immerse themselves in the realities of local communities; as well as learn from experts; while also discovering themselves.

It a physically, mentally and socially engaging program where participants enrich themselves, the communities they visit and each other. The responsibility of the International Sustainability School is to facilitate the learning process and to harvest the connections in a meaningful way – to empower change makers like you for a more sustainable world!

Through the International Sustainability School, Hands-On Institute aspires to help participants re-establish relationship with nature and learn the wisdom embedded in age-old rural communities.

Program components involve gaining insights from experts through lectures, experiencing village life and visits to Kenya’s breathtaking wildlife. This is a physically, mentally and socially engaging program where participants enrich themselves, the communities they visit and each other.

Kenya Sustainability School is different – it is an extraordinary journey, a self-exploratory trek, a skill-building workshop, a hub to find like-minded lifetime friends, to connect to nature and a place to ignite ideas and inspiration.

This is a physically, mentally and socially engaging program where participants enrich themselves and each other. Join Us!

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